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Patriots Use WTO Ruling To Put Pressure On EU


Patriots Use WTO Ruling To Put Pressure On EU, [CB] System Targeted – Episode 2046a
UK is now pushing ahead with the BREXIT, Trump and the patriots put pressure on the EU, tariffs are coming. The WTO ruling means that the EU cannot retaliate. Trump makes phase 1 deal with China, all is going according to plan.
The Call To Declas, Smear Campaign Alert, United We Stand – Episode 2046b
The [DS]/MSM are now struggling to explain the difference from what they were reporting and what the IG found in regards to the FISA report. RG says he has a lot share about Ukraine, LG invites to share it all at the Senate. Q drops more bread, Huber, Durham are wrapping up their investigations, Barr is no longer the stealth bomber, smear campaign coming against him. United we stand, the patriots are in control.

BJ Has The Backing For The BREXIT, Trump’s Economy Gains Strength


BJ Has The Backing For The BREXIT, Trump’s Economy Gains Strength – Episode 2045a
The results are in, the patriots have won in the UK, BJ now has the power to get BREXIT done. Trump is ready to make a trade deal with the UK which will bypass the EU. Trump announce that the Phase 1 trade deal has been made and tariffs are not being reduced. The globalist system is being dismantled.
Obama Sends Message, Flynn Exactly [30], [GS] Makes His Move – Episode 2045b
The [DS]/Ds voted for impeachment today, it now moves to the full house.Since the FISA report has been released the people are getting the first wave of the truth. The IG report will now have an effect on Flynn’s case. Flynn free in [30]. [GS] makes his move with the elections. [BO] sends a message to [DS] players and China. Trump and the patriots are in control, the [DS] is panicking.

Another Win By The Patriots, The Economic Storm Grows Stronger


Another Win By The Patriots, The Economic Storm Grows Stronger – Episode 2044a
The UK elections are ongoing and the numbers are not in yet, but the projections are in favor of BJ. Trump and the patriots are moving forward with the economic plan, remember the patriots are setting a manufacturing supply chain independent of China. The Fed says no rate hikes, for this year we will see for next year.
Barr Just Did Something Interesting, [DS] Pushed Out Of The Darkness Into The Light-Episode 2044b
The [DS]/Dems are moving forward with their agenda, pushing impeachment and the MSM is scrambling, they are trying to keep the narrative that the dossier was not used, but the IG report refutes this. Barr decided to redact information in the IG FISA report, he allowed the dates to be shown and other info, which expands the coverup. The [DS] is being pushed out of the darkness and into the light, nothing can stop what is coming, nothing.

There Is Another Storm That Is Brewing


There Is Another Storm That Is Brewing, The Economic Storm – Episode 2043a
The [DS]/[CB] are trying to stop BJ, and they are using the same tactics they used on Trump, HRC and CS are now alleging that BJ is a Russian stooge. They will do anything to stop the BREXIT. The economic storm is upon us. Trump and the patriots are now positioning the economy in such a way that it will bring the storm down upon the when the time is right.
FISA Is The Start, FISA Leads To Declas, Misspellings Matter – Episode 2043b
The [DS] is now struggling the FISA hearing did exactly what it needed to. It outlined the [DS] players, it let everyone know each of their roles, how they went about manipulating and falsifying records. This was needed for the next phase. We now find out why it is so hard to get docs from the FBI, misspellings. FISA is the start, it will lead the declas which will allow to put the “WHY” the FBI did what they did, the criminal case will show the crime.

Just Like That, USMCA On Deck, Economic Plan Set


Just Like That, USMCA On Deck, Economic Plan Set – Episode 2042a
The transitional economy is now being built on an accelerated rate. Trump is re-negotiating trade deals, re-working regulations. The USMCA is now on deck, Trump and the patriot need the USMCA passed, this will make the US a manufacturing powerhouse. Once passed, Trump’s leverage on China will be even greater.
Bait Taken, Trap Set, Carpet Bombs Incoming, Then The MOAB – Episode 2042b
The [DS] is now pushing for impeachment, they are preparing the articles of impeachment, but they don’t include, quid pro quo, bribery, extortion etc.. why is that. we know why. The patriots tangled the bait and the [DS] dems took the bait. The MSM is spinning the IG FISA report because they know how damaging it really is, this report is going to be used as the foundation for what is coming. Barr says it takes time to gather evidence, make sense of it and then indict, the DOJ will not move forward unless they have it all, and soon that announcement will be made.

Patriots Are Pushing To Make The WTO Obsolete


Patriots Are Pushing To Make The WTO Obsolete – Episode 2041a
The Fed head Paul Volker passed away at 92, he was the individual that was handling the transition during the 70’s with Nixon. The patriots are dismantling the globalist system, first the trade deals, next the trade organizations. Trump and the patriots are now going after the WTO.
Cross Fire Hurricane, Clear Abuse Of FISA, People Will Be Held Accountable – Episode 2041b
The [DS] held another round of fake impeachment hearing, same show different day. The IG released the report and the report show that the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence to obtain the FISA warrants, the IG lists many violations and Durham and Barr both released statements that there is much more to the story. The IG report was to name the players, outline what they did, the next level will show why they did it. Those who have committed treason will be held accountable.

Trump Restructuring US Economy, Biden – Attacks On Fed Abuse Of Power


Trump Restructuring US Economy, Biden – Attacks On Fed Abuse Of Power – Episode 2040a
Kudlow confirms the economy is being restructured, preparing for the transition. Trump wants the USMCA passed, this is the key to take down the [CB] system. China is borrowing funds from the world bank, why would the [CB] do this? DS and Dems panicking over Trump pressuring the Fed, their system is in the crosshairs.
The [DS] Crimes Will Be Publicly Answered Soon, Sheep No More – Episode 2040b
The [DS] is now losing it, they are pushing everything they have but none of it has facts or evidence supporting the impeachment. They are doomed. The IG FISA report is coming out and the this will pave the way for the next wave. The American people will begin to learn about treason, crimes and crimes against humanity, this is the beginning, this is the awakening.

Manufactures Are Coming Back To The US, Central Bank Tries To Push Against The Plan


Manufactures Are Coming Back To The US, [CB] Tries To Push Against The Plan – Episode 2039a
BJ is now fighting against the same thing Trump has been fighting, leaks. BJ says the leaked BREXIT report is nonsense. UK Diplomats are now resigning over BREXIT. Trump once again is showing the people that he control the economic narrative, phase I of the trade deal is moving along. Manufactures are returning to the US, since Trump reduced taxes removed regulations we see a spike in Manufactures returning to the US. The [CB] are trying to control the narrative but it is failing.
Message Sent and Received, It’s Hammer Time, Those Responsible Will Be Punished – Episode 2039b
The [DS] is in a panic, DC is in a panic, the fake impeachment is not going to help their agenda, it is going to have the opposite effect. RG visits Ukraine during the fake impeachment hearing, presents new evidence, says US and Ukraine should work together to stomp out corruption. Ivanka Trump sends a message, Q drops more bread and lets us know that DC is panicking.

Patriots Needed Time, USMCA Gives It To Them, Brilliant


Patriots Needed Time, USMCA Gives It To Them, Brilliant – Episode 2038a
Jobless claims dropped again last week, this is the lowest weekly jobless claims since 1969. The economic narrative belongs to the patriots. The FR officials make a lot of money and their track record is not that great. It’s time for a structure change. The USMCA is a brilliant plan, this will give the patriots time to restore the manufacturing base here in the US.
Every American Has A Front Row Seat, Phase III, A Traitor’s Justice – Episode 2038b
The [DS] is now panicking, NP, JB are lashing out at people, they know what’s coming. NP announce that they are moving ahead with impeachment, we are now entering phase III of the plan, every American has a front row seat to the show. The Senate was the key, the draining of the swamp continues.

Panic, EU & WTO Ruling, Trump Moves Forward Against The Central Bank


[CB] Panic, EU & WTO Ruling, Trump Moves Forward Against The [CB] – Episode 2036a
Trump uses the Hong Kong bill and tariffs as leverage for China. HK retail and GDP number are declining, the economy is headed into a recession. The EU is not abiding by the WTO ruling, which allows the US to place tariffs on the EU and the EU cannot retaliate. Trump hits the Fed again.
The Swamp Is Being Drained, Justice Marker, Disinformation Necessary, Event? – Episode 2036b
The [DS] is pushing the fake impeachment but will not commit. The report has been released and they investigated Nunes. Trump is in London attending a NATO meeting. Q drops more bread, information war, disinformation, FISA report, more CEO resign, coincidence? Trump is is draining the swamp. Is the [DS] preparing an event?

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