Disaster Strikes Again!

Today has been one of those days where anything at all that could possibly go wrong it did.  A couple of days ago I started having all kinds of trouble with the website.  The first thing I did was go and check the PHP version that I was running.  My host has a tendency to change versions on me for reasons that I can’t ever figure out.  I was running the most stable current version of v7.3.  When I checked I found they had changed me to a beta version.  I changed it back and things seemed to settle down for a while.

This morning I logged into the backend of my site.  I was planning to make a post.  I went into the posts section and my heart almost stopped.  All 173 posts were gone.  They were displaying perfectly on the main page, but in the posts section they were gone.

I updated a plugin last night before I went to bed.  That was the bug that bit me.  I went into the plugins section and tried to deactivate the plugin, but none of the links worked.  So I did the next best thing.  I logged into the FTP server and deleted the plugin manually.  I went back to the plugins page and refreshed.  Only 3 of my 37 plugins showed up on the page.  I went back to the post section, but there was still nothing there.

I had been clearing all of my caches as I went, but nothing seemed to help.

Needless to say, I lost the whole shebang again today.  If this happens again I’m going to just shut it down.  The only reason I’m staying with them now is that money is tight and my hosting is paid up for the year.  Otherwise I would have closed the site this morning.

Sometimes I think this site is haunted . . .  I’m really starting to wonder. . .

I’m rebuilding the site with the most current version of the Divi theme.  I actually purchased a new theme this morning.  The author of the theme is pushing it as one of the best image and video sharing themes available for WordPress.  The theme is called Gags and it’s a piece of crap.