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Trump Lets Us Know That The Economy Is About To Change


Trump Lets Us Know That The Economy Is About To Change & It Will Be Far Greater – Episode 2035a
Trump is now restoring the steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina. Brazil has signed economic deals with China and Trump is now countering these.Trump economy is doing better than ever, the transition is coming along and Trump let us know that the next economic system is going to be far greater than anyone understands.
Hold Position, The Calm Before The Storm, Phase III Brings A Traitor’s Justice – Episode 2035b
The [DS] begins the fake impeachment hearings, Trump is not going to send lawyers to the fake impeachment hearing. The Ukrainian President once again says no quid pro quo, case closed. Nunes says get ready for phase 2, but the phase we need to watch is phase 3, a traitor’s justice. The armed forces let us know that this is the calm before the storm, hold position, it’s coming.

Pelosi Boxed In, This Is Not A Trade War, It’s War On The Central Bank


Pelosi Boxed In, This Is Not A Trade War, It’s War On The [CB] – Episode 2034a
Trump boxes in Pelosi on the USMCA. The USMCA is need for the overall plan for the US and to bringdown the [CB]. The US has become energy independent, this is needed once the US breaks free fo the petro dollar. This is not a trade war, it is a war on the [CB]. The [DS] is pushing the fake impeachment forward, they have no place to go but forward, they will try to use other tactics to save themselves but it will fail.
New Evidence Gathered In Rome, Get Ready For The Knock Out Punch – Episode 2034b
The [DS] is pushing the fake impeachment forward, they have no place to go but forward, they will try to use other tactics to save themselves but it will fail. Hunter baby case wants his financial information exposed, Hunter trying to hide it. FISA, Declass and criminal investigations coming. Barr and Durham found additional evidence out in Rome. The MSM/DS is now spinning what is coming, they are using words like debunked and unfounded without showing evidence. The corruption, the swamp is about to be exposed.

Trump’s Economic Plan Is Brilliant, It Will Shake Central Banks and Globalist To The Core


Trump’s Economic Plan Is Brilliant, It Will Shake [CB]s/Globalist To The Core – Episode 2032a
The patriot economy is going according to plan, jobless claims have plunged, housing prices picking up, GDP numbers revised for last quarter. This is all part of the plan. The [CB] tried to shut this down but they didn’t succeed. The trade deal with China is not just about trade, its about taking down the [CB]/globalist network.
Flynn News Coming Soon [30], Bread & Butter, [DS] KO- Episode 2032b
The [DS] is about to use their escape clause, they are trapped, they have been throwing punches at Trump and now they are tiring out, Trump and the patriots are ready to KO the [DS]. The [DS] legal team is now in trouble with the Flynn case, sentencing has been put off, other cases will start to crack. Bread & Butter are the two names of the turkeys for ThanksGiving, Assange also used the words bread and butter. Everything is set, Trump and the patriots are going to come out punching.

Trump And The Patriots Getting Ready To Spring The Economic Trap


Trump And The Patriots Getting Ready To Spring The Economic Trap – Episode 2031a
The patriot plan is working, housing prices have moved up for the first time since 2018, cutting rates and starting stimulus does control the economy. Social security audit shows that the SS admin have been sending out payments to people with no SS numbers. The phase one of the China trade deal is very close.
Patriots Leading [DS] Down The Path, IG FISA Is The Primer, It’s Time – Episode 2031b
The patriots are been pushing the [DS] down their path, and the [DS] has taken the bait. IG FISA is the primer, this will educate the people, it will also show that they certain players obtained warrants fraudulently. The wall is being built. We are now seeing sealed indictments become unsealed. Q drops more bread, the MSM and the [DS] begin to spin what is coming.

Enjoy The Economic Show, Next Phase Coming


Enjoy The Economic Show, Next Phase Coming – Episode 2030a
BJ is now pushing the BREXIT, he is telling his people what to expect, that the BREXIT is coming to happen before Christmas. The stock market hits an all time new record, Trump tweets out that we are on track. Moody’s is now reporting no recession. The financial pundits do not know what to make of what is going on, they are all in the dark.
MSM/[DS] On The Defensive, Evidence, Facts On Deck, Pain Coming – Episode 2030b
The [DS]/MSM they are now on the defensive, they are trying to get ahead of stories. The evidence, facts are now on deck, the IG FISA report is going to be released soon, pain is coming. Q drops more bread, the movement is spreading world wide, the 4am talking points are exposed and a new board is setup. It’s all happening.

X22Report – 11/24/19


[CB]s Biggest Fear Is About To Come True, The Economic Awakening – Episode 2029a
The patriots are moving forward with their economic plan. UK PM BJ reports that there will be a tidal wave of investments once the deal is made. This is what the [CB] fear the most, an economic awakening, once this happens it is game over. Trump is moving the economy forward and preparing for the transition.
Check Mate, Investigations [Schift] To The Senate, It’s Going To Be Biblical – Episode 2029b
The [DS] fake impeachment has not worked, the patriots have trapped the [DS] and no matter which they turn it is check mate. NP/AS and the [DS] players are now panicking, JB is now lashing out, we will see others do they same very soon. The Senate was the target and now the investigation are shifting to the Senate. This is going to be biblical. Q drops more bread, confirms that the patriots are in control.

X22Report – 11/22/19


It’s Happening, [CB] Structure Change Coming – Episode 2028a
Trump and Xi let everyone know they both want to phase one of the trade deal completed. The banks will eventually pass along negative rate to its customers. Why would pay to keep their money in the bank? JS makes the case for a structure change in the [CB] system. The founding fathers wanted sound money, not private western [CB] fiat currency.
Confirmed, Senate Was The Target, Hello, Here We Go!, Patriots Turn – Episode 2028b
The [DS] fake impeachment imploded, but it was positive for the patriots, this was part of the plan. The exposure of the [DS] was made on national tv. Trump want’s the impeachment to go to the Senate, wants a full trial, boom. Q drop more bread confirms that the senate was the target. The patriots are in control.

X22Report – 11/21/19


[CB] Tries To Control Economic Narrative, Trump Counters With Meeting – Episode 2027a
The entire process was planned from the beginning, BJ united the Tory party and these fake polls are just that fake, BJ is in the lead the MSM and the elite are pushing the same agenda, big fail the people are awake. Trump pushing rates lower is working, existing home sales pickup. Pelosi is using the USMCA as leverage, she will sit on it until she needs it. The [CB] is trying to take back the narrative, Trump counters with meeting.
[DS] Got Caught, Graham Activated, Justice – Episode 2027b
The [CB] is trying to take back the narrative, Trump counters with meeting. The [DS] fake impeachment is over, the witnesses have not witnessed anything they are disgruntled employees who are complaining about their new boss. IG report coming on Dec 9. JE prison guard flips. Q drops more bread, Graham activated, calls for all phone transcripts between Poroshenko, Obama and Biden, Boom.

X22Report – 11/20/19


Same Trick, Won’t Work, Economy Is The Key – Episode 2026a
The elite are trying the trick in the UK, they are using polling numbers to show that Corbyn is very close to Boris Johnson. This will not work the people understand that BJ is going to hand them a BREXIT, with Corbyn they will get the same as what they had before. The key to removing the establishment is the economy, this is why Trump and the patriots are controlling the economic narrative.
Setup Is Complete, Ukraine Comes Into Full View, Indictments Coming – Episode 2026b
The [DS] fake impeachment is getting worse with each passing day, it is actually benefitting the patriots, all part of the plan. Sondland testified and he gave his opinion and what he believed, but let everyone know there was no quid pro quo, no bribery and no crime, he has no evidence that he can produce. Q dropped more bread. Ukraine unsealed indictments against certain individuals with ties to Dems. Ukraine is coming into full view, the setup is complete.

X22Report – 11/19/19


[CB] Trapped By Their Own System, Patriots Prepare For Next Move – Episode 2025a
The patriots are now in full control of the economy, the markets hit an all time new high, the house starts and permits rebound and the Trump confirmed that the Fed is not done with cutting rates and pushing stimulus. He is following the plan of Jackson, it’s time to return the economy to the people.
FISA Works Both Ways, Phones Present, Impeachment Boomerang – Episode 2025b
The [DS] continued with their fake impeachment, this time there were two who actually sat in on the call, but the phone transcript was released and they not much to say. AS and AV tried to protect the WB identity but in the process actually projected to the people that they know who it is. The patriots are setting up the narrative that the corruption was in Ukraine but it was BO, JB, HRC and JB. Q drops more bread and confirms all of this.

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