Misty, Marty, and the Crew

I was checking some memory cards last night and I stumbled across these pictures, and I had to share them.  It was a pretty cool situation.

About 12 years back, when I still lived over in Eveleth, MN, I had a neighbor who had a pet ferret.  Mind you, I’ve always thought that ferrets were pretty cool, even though I really didn’t know all that much about them.

One afternoon, I took Misty and Johnny out in the hallway to run for a little while.  I did this every day, but I always kept an eye on them.

This handsome little fellow’s name is Marty, and he belonged to one of my neighbors.  This guy opened his door and Marty came flying out the door and down the hall and came face to face with Misty.  It was the craziest thing, and I was a little nervous at first.  Marty stood up on his hind legs, Misty stood up on her hind legs.  Marty sniffed Misty top to bottom and Misty did the same.  The next thing I and my neighbor saw was incredible.  Marty and Misty were running up and down the hallway playing together like they had been together for a long time.

One evening, Derek, Marty’s parent, came over to my place with a 12 pack of beer and a box full of snacks.  (The beer and the snacks do play into this.)  We sat and watched Misty and Marty bouncing all over the place.  They were having fun together and so were Derek and I.  I didn’t even mind having to clean up the mess when the two of them went flying across the coffee table and knocked over our beers and sending the snack bowl flying.

Before I could get the table cleaned up, Marty jumped up and started scarfing down the Cheetos that were lying all over, and then he moved over and started lapping up some of the beer.  Derek told me to just leave him be and Marty would clean up the table for me.  Marty did a pretty good job.  Derek and I sat talking and watching a couple of movies, and Marty and Misty bounced all over the place playing.

When it came time for Derek to leave, Misty and Marty had been quiet for a while and they were nowhere to be seen.  I called out for Misty and Derek called out for Marty, but neither of them came running.  We looked all over the place until Derek looked under the dining room table and there they were, curled up together napping in Misty’s kitty bed.  It was the most adorable sight.  Unfortunately the picture that I snapped didn’t come out very good.

Over the next couple of week, Derek and I went back and forth between apartments, and we always brought our kids along on the visits.  Johnny was a little leary of Marty for some reason, so he usually just sat up on the arm of the chair with me and watched from a distance.

One evening, I was on my way out the door to take out some garbage when Misty bolted out the door and down the hall where she stopped right in front of Derek’s apartment.  I knocked on Derek’s door, but there was no answer.  I told Misty we would try again later.  I took my garbage out and brought her back into the apartment.

The next morning I woke up to Misty sitting at the door and she was just howling like I had never heard before.  She wanted to get out of the apartment.  I opened the door and she went flying right down to Derek’s apartment.  She stood outside the door and she just continued to howl and meow as loudly as she could.

Derek opened the door, and he was in tears.  Sometime during the night Marty had died.  What was so strange was that Misty seemed to have known it.  Marty was wrapped in a towel lying on the kitchen table.  Misty jumped up on the table, laid down next to Marty and laid her head on the bundle.

Misty and Marty became the most unlikely friends, and I think that she knew something had happened.  How I don’t know, but she knew.

Misty moped around the apartment for about the next week or so, and I could tell that she missed her new friend Marty.  Derek spent the next couple of weeks staying with his parents.  His father was 94 and wasn’t doing very well, so he stayed there to help out.

One afternoon, Derek called and asked if I would come over and help him move Marty’s cage.  This cage was 3 x 3 and 6 feet tall.  He also insisted that I bring Misty with me.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I got there, but Misty ran ahead of me the whole way down the hall.

Guess what I found when I got there?

The white faced baby was named Stanley, and the dark one was named Ollie.  So adorable!  Misty bathed and groomed both of them and then laid down a few feet away and just watched them.  They were both just babies and much smaller than Marty was.  I don’t think Misty knew what to think.

Derek brought Stanley and Ollie over to my place a few times over the next three weeks.  These little characters tore up everything!  They chewed a hole in the side of my couch and another in the back of my recliner, but I didn’t care.  My furniture at the time was crappy and they seemed to lift Misty’s spirits.

After three weeks, Derek moved down to Duluth.  His father had passed and he went to live with his mother and grandmother.  After that, whenever I took Misty and Johnny out in the hallway, Misty always made her way right to Derek’s door.  But it wasn’t the same and she knew it.  She missed her little friends and so did I.

I don’t think I’ll ever get a ferret, but I do remember these little guys fondly.

I’m adding this picture at 3:26 Pm.

Derek happened to see this post and sent me this picture about 20 minutes ago.  I had to throw it in.  This is one of the last pictures that he took of Ollie.  It looks like Ollie wanted to give us a picture to remember.

I love the tongue…