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Johnny Today – 01/31/20


This is going to be the longest 4 days until Monday.  I’m living with what seems like an entirely different cat.  When I woke up this morning, I didn’t see Johnny in his bed.  I went to the kitchen to make coffee.  As soon as that was running I went to the bathroom to throw a little cold water on my face.  I found Johnny.  He had gotten into a bin of dirty rags and was sleeping on top of the worst one that I had been using to clean up after him.  I saw him using the litter box once last night, but every other time he has been going on the floor.
Usually Johnny will come up and lay with me on the couch.  Last night he came up and pressed himself against me for the first time in days.
Last night I gave him his favorite Fancy Feast with the chicken and cheddar cheese chunks.  He ate a little of it and then went and threw it up.  He went back to eating and then threw that up, so he’s not getting any nutrition other than the kitty treats that he is constantly begging for.  I wanted to spend a few more days with him until I get the check from my friend to take him to the vet.
It’s tough to see your best friend go down hill like this so quickly.  All I can do is cry for him.
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Caffeine & Kitty Treats

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