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Starting Over Fresh

There aren’t that many things in life that you can just hit the reset button and start over again.  At the moment, I’m using a site called to delete all of the crap on my Twitter feed. There’s nothing there I’m going to miss. I had over 14,000 tweets, most of which were auto-posts about web pages and blog enteries that no longer exist.

This idea all started out a few nights ago when I opened a new Gmail account. I had been averaging about 150 to 400 pieces of junk mail every day that weren’t getting caught in Google’s spam filters. I got a little tired of having to sift through all of the junk mail in my inbox just to find a small handful that I actually wanted to read. So, I opened a new account and deleted the old one.

Mistake? Maybe… Maybe not…

I went to my YouTube profile only to find out that it wasn’t there anymore. That’s alright. I never really did any socializing on YouTube. One night I was on YouTube listening to music. I stumbled across a piano piece by Liberace. I’ve always loved listening to him play. The bulk of the comments on the video were about him being gay. I posted “It doesn’t bother me if he was gay. He was unquestionably one of the world’s greatest pianists.” Within a minute, I had some character replying to my comment calling me every dirty name in the book and a few that I had never heard before.

At the time, all I had were 3 videos of my cats posted on my channel. This guy went to my channel and he made some of the nastiest comments on my videos about me having sexual relations with my cats. I went to his channel and I posted “You are obviously of extremely low intelligence to be able to make such nasty comments to somebody who you really don’t even know.” I left it at that and I never really tried to socialize with anybody on YouTube again. I just use it for creating and saving playlists for my own use.

Then last night I went to my Instagram profile. What a surprise. It wasn’t there either. I put up some of the pictures that I had to add some content, and then I decided it was time for bed. I was surprised to see that I got a few likes during the night. That was pretty cool.

This morning, just out of curiosity, I went around to my Pinterest page. OMG!!! It was gone too.

Now you probably think that I should be upset about this, but I’m not. So very few things in life have a reset button. There are three social networks where I actually get to start over fresh on.

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