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Raising The Rent

This is really getting ridiculous!

I just received a letter from the management company saying that after reviewing the costs of operating and maintaining this building, they are raising the base rent on my one bedroom apartment from $533.00 to $600.00 a month.  These people are smoking something way better than what I have!

The renovation that they did was a joke!  Lemme recap a few of the basics here.

  1. They changed all of the kitchens, putting in deep single basin sinks instead of a double sink as there should be in a kitchen.
  2. There are people in this building who have doors coming off the hinges, and bathroom sinks falling off the walls.
  3. I can run the water in my bathroom sink for hours, and it doesn’t even get slightly warm.  Furthermore, the sinks that they put into our “RESIDENTIAL” bathrooms are the same kind of sinks that you would seen in a “COMMERCIAL” bathroom at places like Walmart or Kmart.  They don’t belong in an apartment bathroom.
  4. The sink in my bathroom has one of those aerators on the faucet that sprays everything out in fine little needle fine streams.  Leaving it run one day to try and get hot water, it sprayed water all over my bathroom.  Now, I’m lucky if I can get 2 or 3 of those needle fine streams out of the faucet.  It takes 5 minutes just to get your hands wet.  I filled out a maintenance request, but I haven’t heard anything at all about it.
  5. We were told that they would be installing intercoms in all of the apartments.  If anyone wanted to come in to visit, they had to call up from the front door so the tenant could buzz them in.  The owners went back on that one.
  6. We were told that they were going to be installing central air in all of the apartments.  Another lie!
  7. These people just can’t get a handle on the paperwork.  Every time I turn around they are sending us more paperwork to fill out.  The most annoying part of this is that the paperwork is stuff that most of us have already filled out several times before.
  8. I had the most wonderful old woman in her 90’s living next door to me.  When she passed away, after living in this building for over 50 years, one of the previous managers and I suggested to the new owners that they name the new community room in her honor.  Nothing ever came of that.
  9. Under the previous managers, even the ditz, this building was cleaned almost daily.  Now, I see someone vacuuming the carpet in my hallway once every couple of months.  The walls in the hallway haven’t been washed in months, and the elevator is disgusting.  The elevator was the only promise they made that they didn’t go back on.  They had to make the building ADA compliant under federal law.  Had they not had that to deal with, we probably wouldn’t have seen an elevator in here either.
  10. W were supposed to have a smoking shack since they made the building smoke free.  We didn’t see that either.

For the alleged $10 million that they claim to have put into this building, they sure as Hell could have done a way better job than they did!  It has been my suspicion since the beginning that somebody high up in the organization walked away with a cool million dollars or more of tax free cash in their pocket.  My opinion on this hasn’t changed!

The organization that bought the building is trying to convince someone that they turned Ivy Manor into such a wonderful place to live.  They must be trying to convince themselves, but they sure aren’t convincing me, or any of the other tenants in the building.  Once again, they are smoking something far better than I can get.

Most of the new tenants that have moved in since the renovation are meth heads and heroine addicts that are giving other longer term tenants great concerns for their own well-being and personal safety.  The organization that bought the building is supposed to help those in need find affordable housing.  They are filling this building with all of those people that no other landlord would touch with a hundred foot pole.  Sound like a wonderful place yet?

When I first moved to Virginia, Ivy Manor was a major drug house.  Whatever your chemical pleasure, you could get it here.  One of our previous onsite managers did her damned to change that, and she did.  She did a better job of screening prospective tenants that her predecessor did.  We actually got some decent people in here, and the drug house image of Ivy Manor faded away.  Sadly, that drug house image is coming back.  Not a great situation for people with young children.

I’ll bet it sound like a wonderful place to live now.

The next manager was a total ditz!  I had numerous people, some of them who had received no trespass orders tell me that she had GUARANTEED them apartments in the building as soon as they were available.  They wiped out all of the no trespass orders.  I have a neighbor who had a no trespass on him because he would go door knocking at 2 and 3 in the morning looking for cigarettes and change.  He was kicked out for a reason.  Now he lives right down the hall from me.  And yes, he still goes around knocking on doors looking for cigarettes and change.  The last manager told me that if this guy started making the rounds like that again, he would be booted on the first complaint she got.  Nope!  He’s still here.  He’s part of the protected class in this building who can do pretty much anything he wants and get away with it.

Oh yeah, how could I forget this?  There are cameras all over the building.  The previous manager, the ditz, used to sit and watch us on the cameras all day.  Then when she went home, she would log into the video system over the internet and watch us some more.  Kinda creepy huh?

The organization who bought the building, supposedly a charitable organization, is in it purely for the money.  They aren’t helping anything by loading this place full of all the people that other property owners wouldn’t even consider renting too.  They obviously don’t care who they rent to as long as they can get a guaranteed rent check out of them every month.  When they run out of mental patients to fill the apartments with, they’ll probably start looking for serial killers and common axe murders to fill the empty apartments.

As for them reviewing the maintenance and operating costs of the building?  If they didn’t have the sense to sit down with a simple pencil and paper and figure that out before they bought the building, that’s their problem!

Sound like a wonderful place to live???

You’ll probably notice that I never mentioned the name of the organization in this post.  I don’t want to take a chance on the greedy bastards suing me.  I have no doubt that they would try.

If you are a resident of Ivy Manor reading this, please, please, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network you belong to.  When worse come to worse, and I have no doubt that it will be, getting the story out is our protection against these corporate criminals.


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