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I’ve gone out 4 times in the last 3 days trying to catch the kitten, but I’ve had no luck.  I run into the same meth head that scared him off the first time again two days ago.  This time as soon as the kitten came out of the bushes, this guy ran after him and started throwing rocks at him.  One of them hit the kitten.  I think this guy scared him too badly for him to get close to me again.

This idiot turned around and decided to take a swing at me.  He may have ended up with a broken nose.  For sure he took a swim in the lake which he wasn’t planning on.  Then he made the mistake of following me home.  While he was standing outside yelling and swearing at me and pounding on my door, I called the police and had him arrested.  Hopefully that’s the last I’ll ever see of him.

As for the kitten, I think I lost my last chance at catching him.  I’ve seen him twice down at the bench since the last incident, but he wouldn’t come anywhere near me.  He came out of the bushes, stared at me for a few minutes, but as soon as I moved he took off.  I went down to the bench earlier this morning, but the kitten was nowhere to be found.

I’m terrible when it comes to animal cruelty.  I’d like to take that meth head out and throw a few rocks at him.  He was so bombed out of his mind that when he took his first swing at me he missed by a mile.  The second swing almost connected, mine did.  I really do hope his nose is broken.  When he turned, I planted my foot in his backside and sent him right into the water.  It wasn’t the best outcome to the situation, but it worked for me.

The police officers who came to pick him up told me that I was lucky.  The last person this guy went after he knifed in the throat.  Hopefully I’ve seen the last of him.

I’m still going to keep an eye out for the kitten.  I think he knows that somebody treated him right when he came to the bench.  Hopefully he’ll get close again.  One of my friends said that on the times that he did get close I could have just thrown a jacket or a bag over him and brought him home, but I didn’t want to do that.  I really hoped that I could get him to trust me.

Hopefully I’ll get another chance, but I’m not going to hold my breath on it.


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