E-Mail Guidelines

Last updated on April 6, 2021

I receive many hundreds of emails each week – a lot of them from peeps who think we will always know why they are forwarding a link and who may also believe we are available to do research for hours – sometimes these are even from peeps we love. 

Please don’t assume that we will know why you send a link; even if you think the reason’s obvious, often it is not. Backside maintenance is such that whoever is trying to clear email may not have had a chance to read recent posts so links emailed in with no explanation may or not make sense.   

We request, gentle emailer, that you….

  • Include your user name in the subject line in all emails.
  • If you are providing a link, in addition to including your user name, please tell us how the information broadens the discussion of the day or relates to research currently being pursued. In other words, tell us why you are sending the link.
  • If you are asking us to begin research on an entirely new project, in addition to including your user name please provide links that will substantiate the need for additional or fresh research by the Treehouse.


  • If the link provides general information along the lines of “—don’t know if you’ve seen this” or is simply something that “just happened two hours ago” please post it on the open thread of the day instead of sending it to the mailbox. On the daily open thread it will be seen by more people sooner, and if it is a story that invites further research or exposure it will be developed as a post.
  • cat2We do appreciate timely emails alerting us to foul language, trolling, and/or personal attacks in the threads. We do read all the threads every day at some point but always want to remove such nastiness asap and appreciate the heads ups that our faithful readers provide. When providing such a heads-ups, please provide your user name!

Please always, always provide your user name in the subject line when you send an email.  We just don’t have time to search IP addresses via comments management to try to figure out who emails are from. And if you are a very old time friend, please don’t be insulted by this: your cute or clever or simple email address may be one little line within an email list of twenty or thirty completely unrecognizable attacks, demands, links, and random requests from all over the world.

Our mail room is just a ball of fun. All day every day. Really.

Please help us by always including your user name in the subject line. Always.