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Back Up And Running

Well, so far everything is back up and running.  The first thing that I put up was my site security and the Anti-spam.  During the time that I set up the new theme, I watched the security monitor.  For a while I had hackers from to Chinese universities, one in Beijing, and one in Peking.  They’re still there and trying.  I have to give them credit for being ambitious.

I hated losing all of the comments, but such is life when dealing with servers and websites.  I set up the backup plugin, but I’m not sure how that is going to work.  When I tried to restore from the backup, i got a message that the backup files were corrupt.  I keep the last two backups of everything.  My files are backed up every Friday and my WordPress database is backed up every 12 hours automatically.  I guess I Will be doing FTP backups as well from now on just to be safe.

Today, I’m gonna spend the day giving Johnny all the attention he can take.  I think he felt a little neglected yesterday.  I’m sure you know how tough it is to work on a computer with a cat standing in the middle of your chest.  He’s been having a little separation anxiety lately.  The vet suggested that I should put Johnny on low dose Xanax pills for this anxiety.  I don’t think so!  I know what those pills do to humans, and I certainly would never subject Johnny to that.

Sometimes I’ll take him out in the hallway and let him run for a little while.  The building manager told me a few weeks ago about letting him run in the hall.  “YOU CAN’T LET HIM RUN UNSUPERVISED IN THE HALLWAYS!”  I don’t.  With the crowd that the new owners moved into this building I would never leave him alone in the hallway.  I’ve been taking him out in the hall at least twice a day since I moved in here 12 years ago, and nit-wit manager or not, that will not change.  A few of the tenants, when they see me out with Johnny, will let their cats out and Johnny has a grand old time.  For being almost 14 years old, he still has a lot of kitten in him.

As for the site, I’ll need another day or so to get things up and running the way I want them.  I started using the Divi theme which I’m kinda learning as I go.  I got the logo to sit nicely up in the top left corner.  I have no idea how I did it.  I clicked something and it went right up where I wanted it.  I have no idea what I clicked, but I decided to leave it alone lest I screw it up.  lol  I figured out how to put up a header.  Now I have to figure out how to get my images to stop looking like I shot them through a dirty camera lens.  For a minute I actually thought it was my eyes.  Just in case I went and cleaned my glasses.  But my images are still a little fuzzy.  Oh well, I’ll figure that out.

Something else that has been kinda weird but nice this week.  Last Monday I had 832 followers on my Instagram page.  Today I have 2,524 followers.  I’ve been averaging almost 300 new followers daily.  I don’t follow everybody.  I made that mistake a while back and ended up with a following of about 800, and most of them were working girls looking for sugar daddies.  They wanted to know everything there was to know about me, especially financial information.  I never gave them anything.  Most of the time I would just annoy them for as long as I could until they dropped out of the chat.  This time I’m being a little more choosy about who I accept and decline follows from.

Well, somebody is giving me the look which means I should put the computer down and give him all of my attention.

After yesterday, I think I need it just as much as he does.


It Blew Up Again

I’m not what you would call upset.  No, I’m so far beyond upset that there are no words in the English language to describe it without getting totally obscene which is something that I really don’t want to do.

I noticed last night that there was a nag notice up in my dashboard about upgrading to WordPress 5.2.  I decided to do that this morning.  This release of WordPress has so many bugs in it that the install should come with a can of Raid and a fly swatter.

I hit the automatic update button to complete the update.  I’ll know better than to do that again.  This is the second time that hitting that damned button has blown up the whole site.  I tried to do a manual update by FTP, but that didn’t make any difference.  I also tried to do a restore from my backups on my Google Drive.  Unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem either.

So, here I am, once again, starting over from scratch.  I wiped every piece of version 5.2 off of the drive and updated manually using version 5.1.1.  Then I got another big surprise.  My Typology theme, which I really loved was throwing PHP errors left and right.

Every time I turn around it has been something.  My host, which a year ago I would have said was the most trouble free host I’ve ever dealt with, is no longer trouble free, and support is pretty much useless.  So, I called my computer and WordPress guru down in Minneapolis, MN.  After describing the situation to him, and letting him log into my site, I got the answer that I really didn’t want to hear.


I hate it when he’s right, but he usually is.


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