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I’m Cutting the Cord

That’s right!  Next month I’m leaving Mediacom Cable and switching over to a new internet service provider, and two streaming television services.

When I first signed up for cable, I signed up for a package that gave me my internet plus basic cable for $119.00 a month for 6 months.  After that it was supposed to go up to $129.00.  At six months they raised the price to $149.00.  I called them and mentioned that I was told that the price was only supposed to go up to $129.00 after the 6 month package special.  They lowered the price to the $129.00 and I thought that would be the end of it.  In month number 8, they raised the price back up to $149.00.  In month 9 it went up $10.00, and then it went up $15.00 a month after that.

As of now, I’ve had my cable for almost a year and a half, and I’ve been paying $195.00 month for quite some time.  To make matter even worse, the new bill always cuts on the first of the month.  I don’t get paid until the third.  So every month I receive bills for around $382.00 a month including the next month’s billing.  They also add a $25.00 late fee for each month that the bill isn’t paid right on the first.  I spoke to the customer service and pointed out that my bill was always paid on the third when I got paid, and I asked if there was any way they could take the late fees off of my bill.  They wouldn’t budge!

So next month I am switching my internet over to CenturyLink which is pretty much the only other provider in town.  I talked to their customer service who told me that their $45.00 a month service charge hasn’t gone up since the day they set up shop in Virginia.  With taxes and fees, the monthly charge comes to $58.00 a month.

As for the television part of the deal, I’m signing up for Netflix which has all of my favorite shows.  I’m also signing up for Hulu Live TV which gives me all of my local TV stations.  By switching services I’ll be saving a little over $76.00 a month.

I can’t complain about the quality of the Mediacom service.  It was always top notch.  It is just the price going up every month that I can’t deal with anymore.  Now I understand why I see so many of those DirectTV and Dish Network satellite dishes all over town.

I would have like to go with DirectTV, but the management company won’t let up put up a dish.  We suggested that they could put the dishes up on the roof where nobody would ever see them, but they didn’t want to do that either.

I think that Mediacom is going to get the picture that they aren’t the only game in town anymore.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a few other customers in the building besides me.

Land of the Loon Festival 2019

Land of the Loon Ethnic Arts and Crafts Festival celebrates the culture and customs of the diverse people who settled in Northeastern Minnesota. The colorful traditions and flavors of the early immigrants and settlers are re-created by a melting pot of artisans, crafters, musicians, entertainers, and welcoming volunteers.

The two-day festival kicks off the third full weekend in June on Saturday morning with an eighty-unit parade down Chestnut Street and Fifth Avenue in the historic heart of Virginia. Then the activities shift north to beautiful Olcott Park where the crowds sample the delicious ethnic foods, listen to the colorful music from countries around the world, browse among the hundreds of exquisite art and craft booths, and celebrate the weekend-long family entertainment hosted by Iron Range volunteers.

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday afternoon, a friend and I took a little walk down to the park.  I decided that instead of just using the camera on my phone, I would take my Canon EOS Rebel T3 out which I haven’t done for a while.

These are shots of a mosaic rose that is in front of the Bess Metsa Memorial Rose Garden.  In June of 2011, Artist Nancy Miller was commissioned by Marlyn Swanson of Virginia to create this most beautiful piece.

Further back in the garden are a few more little gems.  The pole in the first shot is something that was put up just last year.  Nobody has been able to tell me much about it.  Virginia spelled out in plants is something new this year.  And a carved quote by Robert Louis Stevenson.

There’s not much going on down by the bench next to Bailey Lake.  The ducks are taking their time getting back here.  I think they must have saw the new signs that just went up this year.

Yes, I’m the guilty party, or at least one of them.  I would take a bag of popcorn down to the bench with me and spend at least an hour feeding the ducks and the squirrels.

Things here in the northland are really starting to green up nicely.  I can’t believe they actually cut down the tree in front of “my bench”.  Toby took the three nice tree shots above.  I had to rotate two of them, but what the heck, that’s what editing software is for.  😀

Toby took these pictures.  This guy saw that we had a camera with us and absolutely had to have a few pictures of him and his dog.  We’re always meeting somebody new.

This is my bench in the park.  Almost 3 years ago, I started sneaking down there just to get away from everybody else.

The final stop on our little walk is this foot bridge just beyond the bench.  The bridge is in a small channel between Bailey Lake to the north and Silver Lake to the south.  During the summer you’ll see kids fishing off of this bridge all the time.  Personally I wouldn’t eat anything caught in these lakes, but they are great scenery in the middle of town.

Team Cat Mojo Moments: Action Cats!


I wish I could get Johnny to go out on a leash.  I’ve tried with both Misty and Johnny.  Misty fought the leash all the way.  Johnny would go a few feet and lay down.  I’d pick him up and he would go a few more feet and lay down again.


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