A Year Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that today is one year and one hour since Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I still miss my little lover and Johnny misses his playmate.  Someone I met the day after Misty passed told me to always remember that she is still with me and she always will be.

This was the best natural portrait shot of Misty.  It was also the last.

Misty’s urn, handmade by a woman in Wisconsin.

Misty always loved hiding under the blanket.  I always had to watch where I sat.

There was plenty of room for Misty to lay on the end table after she pushed everything off.

The back of the couch has always been a favorite napping place.

My old sofa that the kids clawed the hell out of.  It gave me a good excuse to get a new one.

I think she was giving me the eye.

She posed so nicely for this one.


These are all shots from the first three week after I got Misty.



My “Not so” Wordless Wednesday.


Wordless Wednesday

November 27, 2005 – The people at the Great River Humane Society named this little guy Billy.  I took this the same day that I got Johnny.  Billy got his forever home the same day that I got Johnny with a 10 year old boy.  The boy and his grandmother were a little short, so my friend Terry and I kicked in to help out.  The finger belongs to Terry.

Just a quick note:

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