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My Little Buddies are Back

Johnny insisted that I give him a break today, so I did.  He ran off and hid as soon as I picked up the camera.

I’m totally convinced that the ducks have learned to read.  The city put the sign up down by my bench not to feed the ducks, so the ducks just moved further down the lake shore where there is no sign.  Don’t tell anybody that the ducks got their popcorn yesterday.

This one came up begging.


I got my first good shot of the babies this year.  There aren’t anywhere near as many as there were last year.  Probably because of the fact that in their infinite lack of wisdom, the city started using Roundup down by the lake.



Sunday Selfies

This is the closest Milo and Johnny have been since I got Milo.  Johnny still keeps and eye on Milo, and the sitting time for this picture was about 7 seconds.  For that 7 seconds Johnny didn’t hiss once.  I guess you could call that a little progress.


After that, Johnny came over and laid next to me.  I want Johnny to get used to Milo, but I have been running a little interference when the little one gets a little too intense for Johnny which right now is quite often.  He still follows Johnny around like a little brother, and he has taken to grabbing Johnny by the tail.  Oh boy, let the hissing begin.


Of course, Milo had to work his way over as close as he could.  Thankfully it was time for a kitty nap, so I got a break as well as Johnny.


Milo and I also need to have a little chat about him being the pillow hog that he is.  Of course, he is so cute about it that I had to let him stay there for a while.


He has also taken over Johnny’s kitty bed which I really don’t think Johnny minds too much about.  Johnny likes his new spot in the bottom of the bookshelf.


Of course, there are those moments that all I can say is Awww.




Sunday Selfies

One of Johnny’s favorite places to sleep is right on the end of the couch.


Sometimes I have to laugh because he makes the funniest faces when he sleeps.


And i just got a haircut.  Had to throw this one in.




Sunday Selfies – Jun. 30, 2019

Can you believe this little character?  Seriously?!

I fell asleep on the couch binge watching NCIS on NetFlix.  This little character jumps up on the couch, does a kitty tap dance on my chest, and then goes down and goes to sleep on my leg like I wouldn’t know it was him that woke me up.



Isn’t he the cutest little faker you’ve ever seen?!
He ain’t foolin’ me!  His eyes are wide open!



Happy Father’s Day

I used to get a little depressed around Father’s Day.  Both my stepfather and my real father are both gone, and have been for a long time.  However, I’m receiving a ton of emails wishing me a Happy Pet Father’s Day.  So cool.

Happy Father’s day to everyone from both Johnny and me!


Sunday Selfies – June 2, 2019

Johnny laid there on the back of the couch watching me for nearly 10 minutes.  I tried to coax him down with me, but he just wouldn’t move.  Moments later he launched himself in my direction and landed just where he wanted to be.

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