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Happy Tuesday – Jun. 25, 2019

I’m not really sure about where these little cutties came from.  They were on one of my backup disks and they were just too cute not to put them up.

I took these on November 27, 2005 at the Beltrami Humane Society in Bemidji, Minnesota.  I took this one the same day that I got Johnny.

And this is Otto.  Otto belonged to my friends Dennis and Arlenne from Grand Rapids, and he was the biggest little lover I’ve ever seen.   Misty would play with him Whenever I went to visit them.  I knew Otto when he was just a kitten long before I got Misty and Johnny.

Otto was a neighborhood stray who followed Arlenne home one day.  For the first week or so he wouldn’t come into the house.  He would come up on their deck and sit and watch Dennis and Arlenne eat breakfast.  He would lay on the table just outside the kitchen window and press his face against the window.

One day Dennis opened the kitchen door, Otto just walked right in and he made himself at home.



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Pets & Tech

Pets & Tech

To me, it’s bad enough that our children are being mesmerized by smartphones, laptops, video games, and all of the other personal tech out there.  Far too many parents have gotten into the habit of using their devices as electronic babysitters.  Well, our cats are feeling left out.  Not any more.



Cats are probably one of the most shameless creatures of the animal kingdom. They come and go as they please with an attitude that says, I run things, leaving dead mice and birds in their wake. Well, some cat owners are fed up with their feline companion’s devil-may-care behavior and want everyone to know just how bad their cats are, through public shaming online.

The Instagram account @cat_shaming has provided pet owners a platform to guide their silly cats through a walk of shame, where photos are posted capturing their furry friends in or after their criminal acts. From funny cats rolling around in fresh paint to peeing in their owners’ handbags, it’s clear that these animals don’t give a damn and will probably continue to live a life of crime.

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21 Little Cuties

I couldn’t resist these.  Just sooooo cute.

I needed another cuteness overload today…

Here We See An Adorable Kitten Cleaning Its Tiny Squishbeans

Gizmo, The Cute Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

Cutest Kitten With Baby-Tiger Paws

Little Evil But Still Cute Kitty

Sweet Dreams, Adorable Kitten

We Found This Fluffy Cat Crying All Alone In The Grass. He Was Only Two Weeks Old And Malnourished. This Was Taken After We Removed All The Ticks And Fleas And Gave Him A Bath

Whatcha Doin, Human?

Ball Of Cutest Kitten

Happy Sleeping Yoga Kitten

Cute Kitten Sleeping With A Friend

Bat Cat

Cutie Pie

Bum, The Worried Kitten

George Is Straight-up Ridiculous

Are We There Yet?

Double Cuteness

Can’t Handle How Adorable She Is!

Cinnamon Kitten

Eudemonia’s Absinthe Fairy

Staircase To Heaven

Gimme That Paw

Happy Tuesday – May 28, 2019

Happy Tuesday – May 28, 2019

I spent 2 years doing political polling and fundraising for the Democratic Party.  After that I spent another 4 years doing pretty much the same job for the Republicans.

I once saw a politician at a rally (Al Franken) throw a major temper tantrum because somebody laughed at him while he was speaking in front of a large group. I’m a firm believer that if anybody deserves to be laughed at, it’s our politicians.  With some politicians, you really have to look for something to laugh at.  Others seem to have a pretty good sense of humor.

And one makes it so easy that it makes me wonder how she managed to get elected.



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