Hillary and her Emails

Hillary Clinton reads her emails in hour-long art exhibit


After an artist printed out 62,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails as part of an art exhibition titled “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails” in Venice, Italy, the former Democratic presidential nominee showed up and spent an hour reading them. She even posed for a picture that she posted on Twitter Thursday morning, joking that someone should “alert the House GOP.”

They call this a small portion of the Hillary Clinton emails.  Isn’t that crazy?


Do The Beto Dance

First you do the Flip . . .

Beto O’Rourke: If You Purchased an AR-15, Keep It

U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke clarified his stances on AR-15s and gun control reform during his appearance on The Chad Hasty Show on News/Talk 95.1 & 790 KFYO.

The You do the Flop . . .

Beto O’Rourke; ‘Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15’s’

Sep.13 — Democratic Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke explains his gun control plan during the third Democratic presidential debate in Houston, Texas.

Then you do it all over again . . .

I think Beto O’Rourke is pretty much out of the running for the Presidency, and he made himself totally unelectable in Texas.  Maybe he should see if they have any openings on future episodes of Dancing With The Stars.

MS-13 and the Democrats

MS-13: Preferred Gang of the Democratic Party

In order to defend Democratic Party policies that attract illegal immigrants and allow them to operate, Nancy Pelosi and others are willing to protect the deadliest, most savage street gang in America.

The Democratic Party hasn’t had any real growth in the last 50 years. Without the illegal immigrants and MS-13, who would vote for them? It’s the only way they can get new blood into the party.

Beto’s America

Congress exempted themselves from insider trading laws.  Now you have members of congress who live behind walls, but they don’t want the American people to have that same security.  Under legislation that Democrats are proposing, even the firearms used to protect members of congress could be deemed unlawful.  I think there should be personal consequences for lawmakers who stand between people and their second amendment rights.  If military style assault rifles shouldn’t be anywhere on the street, let the lawmakers who have personal security details be the first ones to step up to the line to offer their buyback or their confiscation.  Gun control laws should pertain to lawmakers as well.

Fortunately we have enough pro second amendment folks in the Senate, these bad gun control bills are deader than a Joe Biden political rally by the time they hit the other side of the capitol.

We need to accept the notion that law abiding gun owner do nothing to harm the national security.  They make communities safer all around this great country.  It’s only around Washington DC and all of the other hyper liberal centers where Democrats want to deprive law abiding gun owners of their rights who are not causing harm to anyone.

Increasing the left is realizing that they don’t necessarily need to pass laws to take away your freedom.  If the voters won’t surrender their guns, the left will simply remove their freedoms in a new way with woke capitalism.

Beto O’Rourke released a letter targeting American banks and credit card companies, not for their anti-consumer practices for charging exorbitant interest rates that literally destroy people’s lives, trapping them in a life time of debt that is actually killing the middle class.  Beto doesn’t care about that whatsoever.  Instead, he wants to use the power of credit card companies and the big banks to roll back gun rights.  Beto’s letter demands that credit card companies block their cards from being used to buy so-called assault weapons.  Banks he says should refuse to offer banking services to any company that makes guns or ammo that Beto doesn’t like.

Beto is taking their side.  He’s not standing up to protect you from the rapacious credit card companies, and somebody should. No, he’s saying “team up with me against your own consumers.”  He wants powerful corporations to keep Americans from doing something that’s completely legal.

In fact, the second amendment isn’t enough for Beto.  He’s angry about the first amendment too.  His letter attacks Wells Fargo for giving banking services to the NRA.  If you have ideas that Beto doesn’t like, he wants to make sure that you’re not allowed to voice them.

This might strike you as anti-democratic, and yes it is.  Beto isn’t a supporter of democracy, not is anybody else in Washington.  He admits that in his letter.

America cannot afford to wait for a new President, or for congress to take action.Beto O'Rourke

Beto wants to ignore democracy as it has been practiced for the last 240 years.  Woke capitalism is much easier.  145 CEOs signed a letter demanding new gun control.  Why did they do this?  They know the deal.  They know these laws will do absolutely nothing to make America safer, they never do.  They know that as long as they keep speaking the platitudes that the left wants them to speak, the left will stop criticizing them for getting richer as America gets poorer.  The left can be bought off.  Give Beto O’Rourke the power that he wants and he’ll let you get as rich as you want.  In Beto’s American, it’s fine for Wall Street to gouge and exploit ordinary people as long as these companies help him censor and disarm you too.

Quite an arrangement, isn’t it?


Californians Want Americans First

Lahren: A lot of Californians want to see Americans first

Trending video on YouTube

California residents sound off on the sanctuary state law. Fox News contributor also discusses the Democratic push for background checks to buy bullets.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz doesn’t have a clue.  She wants to have background checks just to buy bullets.  Never mind the fact that people can make their own bullets in the own homes.

This woman needs a serious reality check!

NRA releases new ad slamming Media & Hollywood

The NRA warns biased journalists ‘time is running out’

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The National Rifle Association blames biased media coverage for its bad few weeks following the Parkland massacre. NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch sounds off.

Dana Loesch didn’t say one thing that was negative or inflammatory.  She simply called it like it is!