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Feline Friday

A Purrfect Blep


This one is a special one for all of my “NEVER TRUMPER” friends.  I am not one of those.  Personally I like President Trump, but there are times that I just can’t resist.

Last night I was watching President Trump as he spoke at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Trump says the hair is real, but it’s the one thing that I don’t believe him on.  I’ve always wanted to send him a message suggesting Hair Club for Men.  Last night he looked entirely different and I think I know why.

Kitty wants his hair back right after the campaign.




A Crazy Feline Friday


When Osiris was a baby he used to love this little music box and even now 8 months later he still likes for me to play music like this when we go to sleep at night’


It’s mamma cat and her mini-me.

Thanks Facebookers

Just a quick note on Milo and johnny.  There’s gonna be a whoopin’!  I’m just not sure if Johnny is going to whoop Milo for following him all over the place and not giving him a moments peace, or if he’s gonna get me for bringing Milo into the house.  I think Milo has a little bit of a scrapper in him.  He got me last night when I was going to sleep.

I got my war wounds.  Face, shoulder, arm and chest.  He got me good.  I’m still having fun with him.



A New Visitor At The Bench

I took a little time to go hide out yesterday at the bench by the lake.  While I was there, this little guy came out of the bushes, came right up and started head butting me.  He would let me pet him, but as soon as I tried to pick him up he took off.  I could tell he was hungry, so I broke open a  tin of Johnny’s Fancy Feast.

This is the third time I’ve seen him by the lake.  I think he as following me from the house across the street.  I’ve played with him for a little while each time, and he doesn’t seem to be afraid.  When I tried to pick him up it was a whole different story.  As soon as his feet came off the ground his claws started flying.

I will be taking another trip down to the bench today.  I’m taking a pair of leather gloves and a carrier with me.  If I can get him to come close enough for me to pick him up and I’m successful, I’m bringing this cute little guy home with me.

Wish me luck everybody…



Feline Friday – Jul. 5, 2019

Johnny has a new way to beat the heat.  It has been in the mid to high 80’s here all week, so Johnny has been hiding out in the bottom of the bookcase beside my desk.  To give him a little more relief, I put the small fan down by the bookcase to circulate the air.  I notice that he has been adjusting the angle a little bit, and I think he has it just where he wants it.

Now I’ll never get him to come out of there.



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