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About Johnny

This is my best friend Johnny.  He is a Rose-Point Siamese.  I got Johnny on November 17, 2005 as a playmate for Misty.  He was born in August of 2005, making him 14 years old.  He is still the little fireball that he was when I picked him up at the Beltrami Humane Society in Bemidji, Minnesota which has since been renamed as The Great River Rescue.

Johnny was abandoned.  Somebody duct taped him into a black plastic garbage bag and tossed him out the window of a mini-van in front of the casino in Cass Lake, Minnesota.  A couple riding behind the van thought it was somebody throwing out their garbage.  They picked up the bag and followed the van planning to return their garbage when they parked.  When they realized that the package as alive, plans changed.  They took him straight to the Humane Society in Bemidji.

Even though Johnny is a senior cat, he’s as healthy as a horse.  I should also add that Johnny is spoiled rotten, and I enjoyed spoiling him.

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