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Yesterday afternoon, a friend and I took a little walk down to the park.  I decided that instead of just using the camera on my phone, I would take my Canon EOS Rebel T3 out which I haven’t done for a while.

These are shots of a mosaic rose that is in front of the Bess Metsa Memorial Rose Garden.  In June of 2011, Artist Nancy Miller was commissioned by Marlyn Swanson of Virginia to create this most beautiful piece.

Further back in the garden are a few more little gems.  The pole in the first shot is something that was put up just last year.  Nobody has been able to tell me much about it.  Virginia spelled out in plants is something new this year.  And a carved quote by Robert Louis Stevenson.

There’s not much going on down by the bench next to Bailey Lake.  The ducks are taking their time getting back here.  I think they must have saw the new signs that just went up this year.

Yes, I’m the guilty party, or at least one of them.  I would take a bag of popcorn down to the bench with me and spend at least an hour feeding the ducks and the squirrels.

Things here in the northland are really starting to green up nicely.  I can’t believe they actually cut down the tree in front of “my bench”.  Toby took the three nice tree shots above.  I had to rotate two of them, but what the heck, that’s what editing software is for.  😀

Toby took these pictures.  This guy saw that we had a camera with us and absolutely had to have a few pictures of him and his dog.  We’re always meeting somebody new.

This is my bench in the park.  Almost 3 years ago, I started sneaking down there just to get away from everybody else.

The final stop on our little walk is this foot bridge just beyond the bench.  The bridge is in a small channel between Bailey Lake to the north and Silver Lake to the south.  During the summer you’ll see kids fishing off of this bridge all the time.  Personally I wouldn’t eat anything caught in these lakes, but they are great scenery in the middle of town.

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