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30 Things Americans Do That Foreigners Think Are Super Weird

We think it’s normal. The rest of the world disagrees.  They criticize all of the things that we consider part of a normal day in America.

1. Say “How Are You?” When We Mean “Hello”
2. Fly Flags, Everywhere
3. Eat Grape Skittles
4. Rarely Take Vacation
5. Drink from Red Solo Cups
6. Shop at Pharmacies That Are Mini-Shopping Malls
7. Get Free Refills
8. Carry Boring Currency
9. Carry Confusing Coins
10. Have 24-Hour Restaurants
11. Cheer On Cheerleaders
12. Get Coffee To Go
13. Go Big With Tips
14. Dine with Over-Attentive Servers
15. Get Constant Water Refills
16. Put Ice in Our Water
17. Crank the Air Conditioning
18. Shop in Superstores
19. Eat Super-Sized Food
20. Have Lawyers That Advertise
21. As Well As Prescription Drug Makers
22. Wear Pajamas in Public
23. Drink Wine in Three-Liter Bottles
24. Deep Fry Everything
25. Smile at Strangers
26. Drive on Wide Roads
27. Drive Through Drive-Throughs
28. Give Away Our Credit Cards
29. Card People Who Are Obviously Not Under 21
30. Offer So Many Choices

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