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School board caves to woke kids, approves shockingly immodest dress code to appease ‘non-binary’ students


HAMILTON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — An Ontario school board issued a new dress code allowing students to expose everything but their nipples and groin area after students complained that the previous dress code was “outdated” and “sexist.”

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) released the new guidelines last Tuesday after a motion was brought forward by student trustees and was passed during a Monday evening board meeting.

Students complained that the previous dress code “targeted female-identified students without considering non-binary views and identities.”

The motion was passed after approximately 200 students gathered outside Waterdown High School in protest after an announcement by the school principal that reminded students to cover their shoulders and stomachs. Many students were unhappy about the nature and timing of the announcement, which came only two days after police investigated claims of sexual assault and sexual harassment at the school.

“I definitely felt targeted after the announcement that the principal made towards the girls. I was kind of confused, I didn’t know if they were blaming us or telling us to cover up because it was it was very poorly timed,” one student said.

The principal later apologized, saying “the timing of the announcement was insensitive to the ongoing concerns about sexual assault.”

Deema Abdel Hafeez, one of the trustee students who brought the motion forward, said “one group of students was targeted by [the previous] dress code,” whereas “one group of students was kind of let off the hook.” She also said the previous dress code was being used for “victim blaming.”

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