NPR Embarrasses Itself With Misinformation and Blatant Lies

  • In a September 24, 2021, broadcast, NPR reporter Robin Young referred to me as “the biggest disseminator of lies about COVID” — a false statement originating with a dark money-funded organization called Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)
  • A month earlier, Facebook vice president of content policy, Monika Bickert, had issued a statement saying there is no evidence to support the CCDH’s claims, and that the people named by the CCDH as being responsible for the vast majority of vaccine misinformation on social media were in fact only responsible for a tiny fraction — 0.05% — of all vaccine content on Facebook
  • By reporting already refuted misinformation as “fact,” Young has disgraced NPR by violating the company’s journalistic ethics and accuracy guidelines
  • By way of its board members, the CCDH can be linked to several technocratic-led organizations that overtly or covertly support The Great Reset agenda
  • Young concluded her show by calling on social media companies to strengthen censorship on their platforms and for state medical boards to take a more active role in investigating and revoking the licenses of doctors who don’t stick to the COVID propaganda narrative. By doing so, Young is working on behalf of a technocratic elite that is seeking to implement their Great Reset agenda, which has nothing to do with protecting public health.
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