Will Biden use the Del Rio ‘whipping Haitians’ hoax to abolish police mounted patrols?

On Friday, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris doubled down on the hoax that mounted Border Patrol agents “whipped” border violators in Del Rio, Texas, a lie that has been conclusively debunked, as Andrea Widburg explains on these pages today. Harris, who has been all but invisible lately, was put back into the spotlight because of her melanin in order to evoke the specter of slavery more than a century and a half ago.

Homeland Security Secretary promises a prompt investigation.

So, what will happen when the investigation hears evidence that the fraud is a fraud? A friend emails me with a scary and plausible answer:

My guess is that even if the investigation finds the agents operated fully in accordance with their training, in order to save face for the president, etc., the investigators will conclude that it is inhumane to use horses as a tool to control people, and their use should be confined to herding cattle, etc. As a result, police department in NYC and elsewhere will be forced to discontinue this important tool for crowd control and other law enforcement activities.

What makes this prediction all the more frightening is that it fits in with the broader campaign to degrade the capability of local police forces to contain street-level political violence. Antifa and Black Lives Matter both use street violence as a political tactic. The George Floyd riots have already scared many institutions, public and private, into making changes desired by the hard left. Meanwhile, many police forces have been denuded of skilled, veteran police officers and are well below minimum staffing requirements, resulting in surging crime rates.

Mounted police used for crowd control in Times Square (YouTube screengrab)

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Biden vows to punish Border Patrol agents for ‘whipping Haitians hoax’

Looking at the “Border Patrol agents with whips” hoax, it’s clear what’s happening. We have gone down the rabbit hole and ended up in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, a place in which there is no logic, all of the characters are crazy, and the ones with the most power are the most cruel. For Alice, it was a bad dream but, for all Americans, especially the scapegoated Border Patrol agents, Biden et al are making trying hard to ensure that this is a nightmare from which we’ll never awaken.

To refresh your recollection, in Alice in Wonderland, Alice attends a trial at which the demented, tyrannical Queen of Hearts is present. After the evidence phase, the King tells the jurors to consider their verdict. “‘No, no!’ said the Queen. ‘Sentence first—verdict afterwards.’” Alice rightly calls this “stuff and nonsense,” explaining, “The idea of having the sentence first.”

Alice is correct. Demanding punishment before finding guilt is indeed stuff and nonsense but Biden and everyone in his administration are doing exactly that regarding the Border Patrol agents accused of “whipping” Haitian men. And so, despite conclusive evidence that the Border Patrol did nothing wrong, Biden has threatened “Those people will pay.”

From the moment that Sawyer Hackett tweeted out that Border Patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants, the Biden administration latched on to the story as a lifeline to distract Americans from the fact that Biden plans to let tens of thousands of Haitians who are already settled in Latin America walk into the United States. On the sane side of the universe, people who know about horses instantly debunked the story, showing that the Border Patrol agents were using split reins to control their horses, not to whip Haitians.

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