It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Trump Apparently Still In Control!! 800 US FEMA Camps Ready For Occupants!! Stay Out Of Hospitals!! – Must Video

Everyone is totally confused as to what is actually going on and no one knows who to believe.
One thing is for sure ….those Fema camps are ready to accept thousands of Inmates …. but who will they be … the Unvaccinated or Political Traitors?

URGENT Warning to Stay Away from Hospitals ….. Doctors connected to MURDERING HOSPITAL PATIENTS!

You do realize that this is just a movie ? we’re being lied to about Afghanistan. This is all for putting everything for the audits.

So your saying America never left Afghan? Are you saying they never abandoned all that equipment and those bases? Are you saying America never let down their allies? None of it happened? It’s all just a cover for the audits? Because the audits aren’t looking bad enough on Biden, they had to make up the whole Afghan thing to make Biden look… what? Bad?


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Chris Blackwood

These are the sporadic musings, rants, and ramblings of a middle aged man who isn't exactly thrilled with the direction that America is taking today. I'm extremely opinionated where politics are concerned.

I'm a common sense conservative and a political atheist. I follow politics closely, but I don't believe a word the government tells me. I call it like I see it and I don't mince any words. Life is too short to stay quiet.

Nope, this isn't just a kitty blog anymore, although there will be some of that too . . .

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By Chris Blackwood
It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

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