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Gates Foundation Threatens Real Raw News

On Thursday, September 2, Real Raw News received two emails from Gates Foundation Spokesperson Mark Suzman demanding we at once “cease and desist” publishing “slanderous and hateful” content about billionaire, philanthropist, and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates.

For obvious reasons, RRN does not list a physical mailing address, so email was the Foundation’s only practical method of contacting us. We are waiting to speak to our lawyer before publishing the email in its entirety.

It’s important to note that Suzman is not a lawyer, nor does he legally represent the Gates Foundation. He holds a doctorate in international relations—whatever that means—which he obtained from Oxford in University where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

The emails accused Real Raw News of publishing unsubstantiated claims about Bill Gates and threatened us with takedown notices, fines, and prison time—unless we stop publishing info on Gates and remove all content containing Gates’ name.

RRN stands by its reporting, and the sources who risk their lives and livelihoods to provide us with sensitive information. If we weren’t confident in our reporting, and in our ability to legally defend ourselves, we certainly would not risk jeopardizing our livelihoods and reputations.

RRN did a bit of diving into Suzman’s history and discovered that the Gates Foundation has been paying him an annual salary of $9,000,000 annually, a lot of money for a front man with almost no job duties and little responsibility.

RRN will update after we’ve spoken to our legal counsel.

Source: Real Raw News

I believe your assessment is accurate.  If Microsoft really thought they had anything at all, you would be meeting with a high powered Ivy league lawyer and not some 2-bit flunky with no real legal creds.  And since when did Bill Gates acquire that magic power to impose fines and prison time on anybody?

No doubt you guys got this one in the bag.  Microsoft seems to have this problem with shooting themselves in the credibility every time they open their mouth.  People are beginning to wake up to the fact that Microsoft has never been any kind of a humanitarian organization.  Bill Gates is nothing less than a megalomaniac insane mad man who is dangerous as long as he is on the outside of Guantanamo Bay.  There are quite a few people that I see on the Gates Foundation Facebook page who are starting to question Dr. Strangevax.  I still don’t buy the divorce, I think it was a diversion they started using about the same time that all of the Pfizer vaccine injuries started coming to light.


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