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Leaked agreement: Buyers of Pfizer’s vaccine commit themselves to breaking the law

Leaked details of confidential purchase contracts signed by vaccine manufacturer Pfizer with a large number of countries reveal terms that amount to ”master-slave” contracts that violate national laws in such lands.

The buyers commit themselves to breaking their own national laws if they oppose mass vaccinations. These buyers also undertake to bear all costs and responsibilities relating to the experimental vaccinations, even if they are not carried out. The buyers waive all rights of contract termination.

In the largest medical experiment in history, with “vaccines” that are not approved for use in humans, it is the responsibility of the purchasers to defend Pfizer externally for damage caused by the vaccines and other negative consequences.

Pfizer disclaims all responsibility and is held harmless on the grounds that the side-effects and long-term effects of the so-called “vaccines” are unknown, even to itself. Pfizer thus admits that it is selling an inadequately tested product – with billions of doses on the world market – for use in humans.

This means that all responsibility for the costs, medical care burden and other consequences of damage caused by vaccines – no matter how great – is passed on to the taxpayers of the countries that have signed the agreements. Since the agreements override national laws, they have been signed at the government level.

The design of the agreements goes far to explain why the propaganda for mass vaccination is totalitarian in nature and does not allow for debate or questioning. With increasing numbers of reports that the majority of those now hospitalised with Covid-19 are fully vaccinated – a situation that the buyers could not reasonably have foreseen – the agreements appear to be criminal in nature. Buyer countries have been forced to sign effectively blank contracts, without knowing what they are buying.

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These are the sporadic musings, rants, and ramblings of a middle aged man who isn't exactly thrilled with the direction that America is taking today. I'm extremely opinionated where politics are concerned.

I'm a common sense conservative and a political atheist. I follow politics closely, but I don't believe a word the government tells me. I call it like I see it and I don't mince any words. Life is too short to stay quiet.

Nope, this isn't just a kitty blog anymore, although there will be some of that too . . .

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