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Rent control will appear on St. Paul ballots in November

The St. Paul City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the wording of a rent control ballot measure residents will consider at the polls in November.

Now, groups for and against the initiative are gearing up to lobby for votes on the proposal to cap rent increases at 3% annually.

A coalition of housing advocates gathered about 5,600 signatures in the spring and early summer, more than enough to place the policy decision in the hands of the electorate.

St. Paul voters will be asked: “Should the city adopt the proposed ordinance limiting rent increases? The ordinance limits residential rent increases to no more than 3% in a 12-month period, regardless of whether there is a change of occupancy. The ordinance also directs the city to create a process for landlords to request an exception to the 3% limit based on the right to a reasonable return on investment.”

If enough residents vote “yes,” St. Paul will adopt the ordinance. Minnesota state law says cities wishing to institute rent control laws must allow the public to vote on the proposal in a general election.

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These are the sporadic musings, rants, and ramblings of a middle aged man who isn't exactly thrilled with the direction that America is taking today. I'm extremely opinionated where politics are concerned.

I'm a common sense conservative and a political atheist. I follow politics closely, but I don't believe a word the government tells me. I call it like I see it and I don't mince any words. Life is too short to stay quiet.

Nope, this isn't just a kitty blog anymore, although there will be some of that too . . .

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It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

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