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Fake News: How an ivermectin story got amplified around the world when nobody seemed to check the facts

Rolling Stone had to retract a false story it published claiming an Oklahoma hospital had been overrun by people who poisoned themselves with the Covid-19 treatment ivermectin, and that that had resulted in gunshot victims and others being turned away or were left waiting for emergency care.

The story was published amid propagandists working overtime to try to controversialize the Covid-19 therapy ivermectin, which public health officials disparage and recommend against, but many physicians and scientists insist is proving highly effective in some cases.

Much of the misleading propaganda implied ivermectin is a horse medicine dangerous to people. It omitted the fact that there is an approved human ivermectin.

Above: an FDA photo associates ivermectin with horses even though it’s approved for use in humans After the false story was published, the hospital issued a statement that prompted a correction.

It turns out the one doctor quoted in the story hadn’t worked in the hospital in months, and the hospital had treated no patients related to ivermectin. Additionally, the hospital said, it has not turned away or delayed any patients in the ER.

Many in media and online (including MSNBC, a podcast entitled “No Lie,” Daily Mail, Newsweek, NY Daily News, The Hill, Journalism professor Jason Johnson, Daily Kos and medical professionals) passed along the false report, as detailed in this thread by commentator Drew Holden.

Like two of the Covid-19 vaccines used in the U.S. (Johnson and Johnson and Moderna), ivermectin is not FDA approved to treat Covid-19. Ivermectin is approved to treat parasites. However, so called “off-label” prescription of drugs for other purposes is common –and legal.

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It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

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