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Gold Star family denies audience with Biden after son’s Kabul murder: ‘Everything he has done was completely wrong’

A Gold Star family said that they refused to meet with President Joe Biden after their loved one’s murder in Kabul, Afghanistan, in a suicide bombing last week.

What are the details? In a Thursday evening interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, fallen Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum’s father Jim McCollum and sister Roice McCollum said that Biden offered no sympathy following Rylee’s sudden death and made it about his own loss instead.

Hannity began the segment with the McCollums by lauding Rylee’s sacrifice for the country, calling him and his 12 fellow service members who were killed in the attack “the best America had to offer” and the country’s “national treasure.”

(Hannity blather not included)

In remarks, the family agreed and detailed why they decided against a personal meeting with the president following the abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“That’s one of the reasons I chose not to speak with President Biden,” Jim responded to Hannity. “Everything he has done was completely wrong. We had opportunities to do this the right way, and we absolutely failed miserably as an administration. I can’t blame the entire thing on one administration; it goes back … we’re 20 years into this, but when it came down to pulling people out and pulling troops out and leaving the country, there was no — you couldn’t have picked a worse way to go about it.”

Roice also recalled the moment when she and her sister-in-law attended the president’s meeting with other Gold Star families impacted by last week’s terror attack. She abruptly left after Biden “insisted on speaking only of his late son Beau and neglected to mention any of the fallen service members’ names,” Fox reported. “He didn’t even mention Rylee,” she said. “Never said their names to any parent, as far as I’m aware. … [Biden] came in with his story about his son who served, and it’s like, that is not even remotely the same thing. … It’s still tragic, [Beau Biden] died of cancer, and that is sad, but it is not even close to the same situation, and there was, again, no mention of Rylee, no ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ it was ‘My son died, too.’ He tapped her on the leg and she pulled away twice, and then he got up and went and talked to another family. A lot of the other families that he talked to, he spoke with a lot longer, but only because they carried on the conversation to really share their thoughts with him. Otherwise, I am pretty sure it probably would have been a two-minute conversation to each family, mostly about his son.”


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