‘Unimaginably Catastrophic’: Researchers Fear Gulf Stream System Could Collapse

Yves here. Pols and headline writers are having to come up with new, adequately urgent ways to convey the DefCon Level 1 climate change disasters starting to beset us. One with tremendous knock-on effects is the marked slowing of the Gulf Stream. Experts have discussed it as a likely outcome for some time. Without belaboring details, the melting of the Greenland and Arctic ice sheets reduces the salinity of ocean water, and that in turn brakes and if it goes far enough, will halt Gulf Stream water and air stream circulation. Despite being a blindingly obvious and hugely consequential tipping point, it’s bizarrely it’s never been treated as a imminent, even with the Gulf Steam decelerating in the last decade.

(excerpt) Read the full article here: https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2021/08/unimaginably-catastrophic-researchers-fear-gulf-stream-system-could-collapse.html


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