Harvard scientists were supposed to send an aerosol-injecting balloon into the stratosphere this summer to test technology that could dim the sun and cool the earth.

Harvard University scientists had hoped to test-fly a balloon aircraft designed to inject chalky dust into the stratosphere this summer in hopes of partially blocking out the sun to combat global warming.

“It’s a small scale experiment that will inject about a kilogram of particles into the stratosphere to generate a plume a few kilometers in length that will have absolutely no physical impact on the ground,” says Harvard Engineering and Atmospheric Science Professor Frank Keutsch in a video.

The so-called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment was scheduled to take place last month, but was cancelled due to public outcry.

Environmental groups argue geoengineering could have drastic effects on rain patterns, leading to wild shifts in weather, droughts and major food shortages.

An advisory board to the scientists has elected to undergo further public consultation in hopes of assuaging fears, pushing back the potential launch date until at least 2022.

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