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Rumsfeld Committed Suicide at Military Tribunal; Did Not Die of Natural Causes


On June 30, the mainstream media reported on the June 29 death of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who at 88 years old certainly had one foot in the grave and could have expired at any moment. His cause of death was listed as Multiple myeloma, a cancer that forms in white blood cells and damages bones, kidneys, and the immune system. While he may have been gravely ill, cancer did not kill him.

Rather, he committed suicide at a military tribunal that held him responsible for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who perished while hunting for imaginary WMDs, on Rumsfeld’s orders.

Specifics on how the military grabbed Rumsfeld are unknown, but RRN has learned he was arrested on May 27 and promptly flown to Diego Garcia, where the U.S. has a critical bomber base and, it turns out, facilities controlled by the U.S. Office of Military Commissions. RRN was slow to grab this news because the bulk of our tribunal content stems from trials at GITMO.

RRN has learned that the military also intended to question him about his involvement in 9/11 and the “coincidental” destruction of Cantor Fitzgerald, a brokerage firm that did business with the U.S. Defense Dept. That firm’s servers, destroyed in the collapse along with 650 employees, were said to hold proof that Rumsfeld had misappropriated $2.3 trillion of defense department cash to fund his personal “black ops” programs. In fact, a day prior to 9/11, Rumsfeld admitted the Pentagon had inexplicably “lost” that dollar amount.

But the Office of Military Commissions never had a chance to present its evidence at trial, nor wheedle from Rumsfeld a confession.

Fifteen minutes into the proceedings, as the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps began reading an extensive list of charges, Rumsfeld winced as if in excruciating physical pain and then collapsed to the floor in a convulsive fit, sputtering and foaming at the mouth. Paramedics charged into the chamber, but their efforts to save him were in vain. Within minutes, Rumsfeld had perished.

A July 1 autopsy revealed that Rumsfeld’s reading glasses, which he had been allowed to wear at trial, had a microscopic needle concealed in the temple tip. The needle held a lethal dose of potassium cyanide. A military forensic pathology investigator said Rumsfeld must have innocuously removed his glasses and injected the poison in his tongue or cheek.

RRN will supply additional details if and when they arise.

(full article) This article was originally posted on Real Raw News



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