It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

At Least The Kids Are Having A Good Day

This is my new kid that I named Ashes.  When I first saw him, his fur looked like a ash grey.  He’s turning black, but I thought the name was fitting.

Ashes found his favorite sleeping spot on one of my couch pillows.  My friend’s wife told me that I should find another pillow because that “nice” pillow was going to be covered in black hair.  AS long as he likes it there, I really don’t care.  I have a good pet hair brush.

Ashes getting a belly full.  He’s so darned cute.

This was Rocky, Maze, and Ashes napping together on the kitty bed in the fake fireplace.


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Nope, this isn't just a kitty blog anymore, although there will be some of that too . . .


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It's all about the Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

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