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Water Reticulation Challenges Make Fight Against Covid19 Cumbersome

With the Covid 19 scourge knocking on our doorsteps, one major way of combating its spread is dependent upon water availability for washing hands cooking,bathing and so much more. The present state of affairs in urban areas which are potential epicenters due to polpulation dynamics and magration trends is a time bomb.

In some Western locations in Bulawayo there are classic examples of deprivation with parts of Pumula going for 2 months without running water. BCC unveiled a 72 hour water rationing schedule. To further worsen the sorrowful state of affairs most back up boreholes drilled during the Mugabe era have since broken down worsened by the ballooning populations.

Some of those wells flow raw sewerage promulgating epidemics like the 2008 and 2018 Cholera and typhoid outbreaks that claimed hundreds of lives. The Covid 19 outbreak is an opportunity for leadership to focus on water reticulation development strategies through its key arms.

Urbanites have been ruralised with them spending more time in long winding queues in search of water disrespecting social distancing strategies to combat the spread of Covid 19. This endangers the vulnerable sections of society the children and the aged. Ablution facilities have not been exempted from this with more people having to relieve themselves in bushes this in itself is a breeding ground for more disease outbreak.

The Zimbabwe Chapter of the EFF calls on development focus to fulfill the MDGs. Economic Freedom Fighters- Zimbabwe President and who is also the continental (African) Chairman of EFF, Cde Innocent Luthutsha Gagu Ndibali pellucidly pointed out that water is a very important resource that should be availed to all at times. He also bemoaned siltation in our dams emanating from excessive deforestation and illegal gold panning activities on river banks and on dam walls. This has reduced the carrying capacities of major dams and reservoirs affecting animals, livestock and people without water.

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