Trump Jr.: Delta comments on Ga. voter laws coming back to bite it


Donald Trump Jr. blasted Delta Airlines and “woke corporate culture” after Delta CEO Ed Bastian attacked Georgia’s voter integrity laws. In a video posted Friday, Don Jr. said Delta “is learning the hard way not to bite the hand that feeds it” after Georgia State Republicans voted to cancel a tax break plan for the airline.

He added, Bastian’s comments were a stark contrast from Delta’s prior statement on the matter. In its previous statement, Delta admitted the legislation “improved” considerably during the process and was “committed to listening to communities and engaging with leaders from both parties.”

“There seems to be a big cottage industry of going ‘really woke,’ even though it doesn’t benefit,” the 45th President’s son stated. “Why? Because Georgia wanted to have some stuff as it relates to IDs to make sure we know who’s actually voting? Oh, it’s terrible!”

Don Jr. also blasted Apple’s CEO by saying he’s been “strangely silent” on the human rights abuses in China. He said Apple only has a problem with free and fair elections, but not when an actual dictatorial regime oppresses the will of its people.

Source: OAN Newsroom

Author: Chris Blackwood

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