Cats Reading

My friend’s kid Baily has been sending me these pictures daily.  I thought I was going to show you how well cats read.  Then I realized something.  CATS DON’T READ…  I THINK?







Author: Chris Blackwood

These are the sporadic musings, ramblings, and rants of a middle aged man who isn't exactly thrilled with the direction America is taking today. I'm extremely opinionated where news and politics are concerned. I call it like I see it and I don't mince any words. Life is too short to stay quiet . . . Hope you enjoy my kids . . .

7 thoughts on “Cats Reading”

  1. Love the pictures of cats and books! I’m noot sure if cats can read or not…I know that my books are not left on the same page when I pick them up and when they start reading the stories aloud to me, I fall asleep as soon as they purr.

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