More than $569 million stolen during COVID-19 Pandemic

Justice Dept. Has Charged 474 People With Trying to Steal More Than $569 Million in Covid-Related Fraud Schemes

by Matt Zapotosky/Washington Post


Health Editor’s Note: COVID related schemes have become big business. While the coronavirus has been devastating the health and well fare of our lives, it has also been an opportunity for the evil to steal money. Why am I not surprised?…Carol

The Justice Department has charged 474 people over the past year with trying to swipe more than $569 million by using criminal fraud schemes connected to the coronavirus pandemic and seized at least $580 million in civil proceedings, officials announced Friday, demonstrating how taxpayer-funded programs meant to ease the economic burden of the crisis have become susceptible to scammers.

The department said it has seen fraud attempts connected to several government aid programs. The Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, for example, has charged at least 120 people in connection with fraud of the Paycheck Protection Program, a taxpayer-subsidized loan program regulated by the Small Business Administration, which has long been of concern because of how program funds were disbursed with relatively little oversight.

The department said it had also seen immense fraud in connection with the Economic Injury Disaster Loans program, and, along with the Secret Service and U.S. attorney’s office in Colorado, had seized $580 million of possibly stolen money from that program through administrative procedures. That money, authorities said, is separate from the funds explicitly tied to criminal charges.


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Godzilla vs Kong Trailer – Hilarious Insanity

When I was a kid, I lived for the King Kong, Godzilla, and Gammera movies.  I’m not talking about the remade monster movie crap that they are making today.  I’m talking about the old Japanese monsters that were so cheesy that they were cool.

I found this review of a movie which I could say yes to every single point that the critic made on the movie.


Watch Biden’s First Full Press Conference


Biden says that he was hired to solve problems and not create division.  This is a laugh.  Biden has created more new problems than he has solved.  Division is the ultimate goal of the DemoCraps.

I love how this idiot tries to make it sound like the immigrant caravans crossing the border is a seasonal thing.  It is not a seasonal occurance and it never has been.

Biden has no clue how to answer the questions he is receiving from the press.

His comment about when he came into congress 120 years ago shows just how out of touch with reality Joe Biden really is.

This guy is so full of shit that he should flush himself!

The White House is trying to make Joe Biden look more like a President and less like a bumbling idiot


I have to say that they are failing miserably!