Don Jr. Reacts As Putin Challenges Biden To A ‘Live’ Debate: “The Whole World Knows That We Have No Leadership”

Tension between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin kicked up a notch on Thursday as the Russian President floated the idea of sorting out their differences in a live debate.

The drama began after Mr. Biden called Putin “a killer” during a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

As reported by CNN:

When interviewer George Stephanopoulos asked Biden if he thought Putin was “a killer,” the President said, “Mhmm. I do.”

Responding to the comments, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday that “there hasn’t been anything like this in history.”

He said it was clear that Biden “definitely does not want to improve relations” with Russia and that the relationship between the two countries is “very bad.” When asked how it can affect relations, Peskov said “it is absolutely clear how,” but refused to elaborate.

Putin initially appeared to be taken off guard when asked by the press what he thought about Biden’s remarks.

“It’s true, we really know each other personally. What would I answer him? I would tell him: be healthy,” Putin is quoted as telling reporters. “I wish him good health. I say this without irony, no jokes. This is first of all.”

The Russian leader reportedly added to his statement by challenging Biden to a “live” and “open and direct discussion.”

“I would like to offer President Biden [the opportunity] to continue our discussion, but on condition that we’ll do so what is called live, online. Without anything pre-recorded, in an open and direct discussion,” Putin said.

“It seems to me, it would be interesting both for Russian people and for the US people, as well as for many other countries,” he added.

According to CNN:

“Russia state media TASS reported Putin has invited Biden to hold the discussion on Friday or Monday.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki weighed in on the invitation saying she wasn’t sure if the call would be something the administration would entertain.”

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the Putin/Biden drama later on Thursday.

“Putin just challenged Joe Biden to an unscripted live debate,” Don Jr. wrote. The whole world knows that we have no leadership at the top just an empty suit with a teleprompter (and he can’t even get that right).”

“They look at America’s weakness right now and are salivating,” he added. See Below


Donald Trump Jr.’s Official Tweet


Source: The Freedom Times

Al Sharpton Suggests Dr. Ben Carson ‘Plummeted’ The Morale Of Civil Service, Carson Fires Back

Former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson had some words of wisdom for Rev. Al Sharpton — who recently claimes that “the morale of civil service has plummeted” under Carson’s leadership over the last four years.

Sharpton criticized Dr. Carson while discussing Marcia Fudge officially being sworn in as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Biden Administration.

Despite Carson’s successes during his tenure, which focused on lifting people out of poverty and reducing regulatory barriers, Sharpton claimed that the former HUD Secretary “weakened fair housing enforcement and other civil rights protections.”

Rev. Sharpton stated as follows during his Sunday commentary on MSNBC:

“Marcia Fudge was sworn in as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development this week. She will now have to lead an agency where the morale among civil service has plummeted under the leadership of Ben Carson, who weakened fair housing enforcement and other civil rights protections during the Trump Administration.”

Dr. Carson fired back.

“It’s almost as if he’s reading off of a script, and they all say the same kinds of things,” Dr. Carson said in response. “They don’t actually look at what was done — at the progress that was made and moving people towards self-sufficiency. That’s what we really should be thinking about. And our definition of success what how many people we got out of those programs of dependency and moved them in the right direction.”

“We just need to sort of get beyond this third grade, ‘Let’s criticize who ever it was’, and let’s let’s build upon what each other does,” he added.

“The American people are not each other’s enemies, and we have to stop allowing ourselves into being manipulated into thinking that,” Dr. Carson urged. Video Below



Source: The Freedom Times

What’s a Mother to do?


These 5 extremely hyperactive kittens are playing and running like crazy and the mother cat is being very patient with them.  The kittens are fighting each other in a very funny way and their mother is just waiting for them to get tired and settle down