Stimulus checks heading out to most Americans

The $1,400 stimulus payments are starting to come out. Some people are saying that they have already received their checks, only a day after the COVID-19 Relief package was passed.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his minions, DemoCraps had to move quickly to get the stimulus payments in the mail to buy favor with the people.

Good luck on that one Joe. I don’t think it’s going to happen. They American people are more intelligent and awake than you give them credit for.

Security Briefings for Joe Biden

On Friday, Faux President Joe Biden received his first security briefing from the Pentagon.
How much you want to bet that the information that he received was in the hands of the Communist Chinese Party within and hour?

Vaccine Hesitancy

Just listened to a report by NBC’s Lester Holt. The gist of the report was about people who have said they will not take the CV-19 vaccine. And why would they want to? We’ve been pumped full of so much fearmonger, and just plain bullshit from the mainstream media. How do you lie to someone constantly and expect them to believe you? Facebooks and Twitter censoring genuine information about CV-19 hasn’t helped matters either.

These people are just plain sick and stupid!

Cats Reading

My friend’s kid Baily has been sending me these pictures daily.  I thought I was going to show you how well cats read.  Then I realized something.  CATS DON’T READ…  I THINK?