The socialist technocrats are moving onto their next logical targets.

Speaking on CNN, liberal Alex Stamos told host Brian Stelter that television providers must cut off access to the outlets One America News (OAN) and Newsmax, which are considered by right-of-center audiences to be more truthful than mainstream media companies.

“We are going to have to figure out the OAN and Newsmax problem. These companies have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and such bringing them into tens of millions of homes,” said Stamos.

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This is an older article, but it comes inline with something I heard this morning. This morning on the Glenn Beck Show, it was said that CNN is pushing hard on cable networks to stop running stations like NewsMax, OAN, and America’s Voice over their systems. CNN and the tech giants are trying to cut us off from any kind of real news. How much more do people need to see before they speak up and tell the DemoCraps that we don’t want the kind of dystopian life that they are creating for us. It’s time to take off your damned masks, quit slathering your hands with poison, turn off the TV, and start saying “NO” to these people.

Chris Blackwood
Chris Blackwood

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