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The flu season was worse last year. Get it?

The flu killed more people last year than “covid-19” did this year – and they’re mixing all cold and flu cases in with covid also because the way they test for it doesn’t differentiate between covid-19 and common colds/flu (other coronaviruses) they all get thrown into “covid-19” cases.

What we call viruses have never been isolated outside of a living cell, as they cannot exist outside of one. It’s a fact. So how can the virus spread??

… It doesn’t.

This is basically what’s happened…

People are encouraged to go to the hospital if they have cold/flu symptoms – you get a covid test and it tests for the genetic material/RNA that is present in “covid-19” patients (test tests for exosomes/RNA strands – not a virus – a virus has never been isolated) They are calling exosomes the coronavirus. Because the genetic material along with the exosomes contained coronavirusLIKE RNA strands they hadn’t seen before they called it a new coronavirus.

Keep in mind exosomes will be released/excreted from cells and be present when you have a cold/flu, are stressed, bad diet, no sun – virtually any impact to mental/physical health will cause these to release from different sources within the body – exosomes are the cell’s way of expelling toxins from the body and symptoms of a cold/flu is the body pushing toxins to outside the body.

So you can imagine someone with stage 3 lung cancer will be releasing these exosomes/RNA (cleansing toxins from the body)(exosomes/RNA being within the genetic material the tests look for) which would return a positive result from a PCR test, and if the patient dies from lung cancer – it will be called a “covid-19 death” and it’ll be put on the death certificate and falsely contribute to/inflate the case/death numbers.

People were always dying all over the world for whatever reasons, 100,000’s per day. Nothing has changed… The only difference is – now we’ve done everything we can to call these same daily deaths “covid-19” – no matter what their primary illness is – when they would’ve died regardless – even if we had no idea about covid-19 and they would look like normal deaths relative to the circumstances – NOT “covid-19.” You know the average age of death for “covid-19” is like 83 … And the average life expectancy for anyone is like 80 – so I’m sure you can guess – noone has been dying of old age during all this!

It’s a giant scam.

They control the narrative through the sensitivity of the tests and they outlawed do-it-yourself (at home) tests so we couldn’t become aware of the fact their numbers/stats are all bullshit.

Before, the tests were too sensitive and amplified far too much giving positive results everywhere.

Gradually they rolled out less sensitive tests around the place until that’s all there is and they’re now giving no positives. (Which is not possible UNLESS the tests have changed – as there is a known false positive rate with PCR tests – it had been established during the global “rise of cases.”

I’m just hoping that one day the sheep surprise me by maybe taking half an hour out of watching MSM lies and propaganda and watch something actually truthful – research ANYTHING you’ve heard… I don’t want you to be an idiot – but honestly if all someone watches is MSM they’re going to be a big one! It’s just a given.

I already know the TV is making everyone into leftist, marxist idiots who actually CAN’T think – I see it happen to EVERYONE who regularly watches TV… and I know just from the fact that most people watch MSM almost religiously – that they would actually believe there has been a “deadly” pandemic 100%, they think Dan Andrews isn’t bad *spew*, they believe Global Warming/climate change is a big problem (it’s just push for policy, legislation and law to help to progress Agenda 21/30 – a really evil plan put forward by the like of the Rockefellers, Soros, etc. It will mean total survielance everywhere, control of all food, water, power – to move people from rural areas to city blocks – depopulation)

(Ps. Humans only attribute to 2% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – FACT – so wtf is the problem we’re causing again? Lol)

They think the only way to solve this “virus” problem is a vaccine. (Yeahhh the same virus that has a 0.00003% chance of death and a 99.99999% chance of recovery – not to mention their banning of a successful treatments I.e. hydroxichloraquine – so as to push the vaccine as the ONLY valid solution)

They also think Joe Biden is the right choice for America sleepy, creepy Joe. “Made in China” Joe… Who “loves kids jumping on his lap.” *Spews*

So wtf is wrong with people?

People have been completely brainwashed by the LEFT.

Please stop being brainwashed.

You’re going to be the reason for your own AND my demise.

Source: TruthSec Anonymous on Bitchute.

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