Crowd cheers as ice skater carrying ‘Trump 2024’ flag is tackled to the ground

An ice skater carrying a ‘Trump 2024’ flag at a rink run by the former president was tackled to the ground and removed the ice. MAGA supporter Dion Cini was sensationally tackled to the ground by security guards just moments after he hoisted the huge flag while skating on the ice at the Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York.

Video footage posted by Cini on Twitter on Sunday shows crowds of skaters cheer as the Trump fan is taken down by officials. Cini said he took a trip to the Wollman Rink with the flag in tribute to the former president on what was supposed to be its last day of being open to the public.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had intended to close down Trump’s Lasker and Wollman Rinks yesterday – six weeks before the usual closing date – in an attempt to cut business ties with the former Republican president.

But the city overturned his decision late on Sunday evening. In the clip of Cini’s stunt, he can be seen extending an extra-long flag pole and taking to the ice, with an enormous Trump 2024 flag waving above his head.

An ice rink employee then grabs Cini by the coat and begins to push him off the ice. A guard then wrestles Cini to the ground as other skaters cheer.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Cini claimed he was in the process of leaving the ice after the security personnel approached him.
Cini said: ‘I brought the Trump 2024 flag to Trump Wollman rink because it was the last day of The Trump organization managing the rink, which they’ve done for the last 30 some years, and wanted to celebrate another Trump accomplishment while also starting a campaign push for 2024.

As I was being attacked I heard people cheering as I was put into a chokehold, which shocked me because I thought they want unity and not watch their fellow Americans being (attacked) over a flag.

Author: Chris Blackwood

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