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Johnny is much better

I don’t like the vet that I’ve been taking Johnny to. While I was at Target walking around, I ran into Johnny’s old vet and I asked her if she would take a few minutes to take a look at Johnny. She said that she remembered Johnny as one of her favorites and would be happy to see him.

Andy drove me back to my place to get Johnny and then we went to her office. There was still one of the techs there cleaning up. She helped with the exam.

After looking Johnny up one side and down the other several times, she asked the tech to get a blood sample. This was something that I don’t ever remember the other vet doing.

Sandy looked at the bllod test and told me not to worry. She said that Johnny is going to be around for another 2 or 3 years. She said that he had ther mother of all urinary tract infectionss, as well as another infection that was raging through his whole body. That was the bad one.

Sandy gave him a good dose of something else as well as more anti-biotics. She also gave me more to give him at home. She said that my giving him the anti-biotics I had may have save his life. She said that the UTI was easy enough to treat, but the second inspection was bad enough that it may very well have killed him if I hadn’t started the anti-biotics and found her.

I can tell that Johnny isn’t at 100% yet, but he’s definitely getting better. He’s been using his litter box, moving around more, and he’s eating without throwing everything up which is good to see.

It’s the best news I’ve had in days, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Sandy kept me from making a stupid mistake that I most certainly would have regretted.  I was basing my decision to put Johnny down based on what the other veterinarian told me.  I realize now that this guy is only interested in the money.  He has no compassion for the animals or the people.  Regardless if it costs me more, I will be going to see Sandy from now on.


I didn’t realize it, but Johnny developed quite a following on Instagram before they suspended my account.  One of the dispensary owners who reads this blog saw that I was giving Johnny CDB for arthritis pain.  He sent me a bottle of CBD tincture special formulated for pets, and a bag of THC gummies for me to unwind.  Thank you CannaGrowerJake33.

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Chris Blackwood

Blogger. Photographer. Starbucks addict. Joan Baez, Beatles, Rush, and classical music fan. Independent. Constitutional conservative. Crazy cat lover.

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  • Dear Chris, so happy that dear Johnny is much better… and grateful that he will be with you for some time to come. How wonderful that you ran into your old vet. I’m so sorry that the other vet didn’t take good care of Johnny… and also wasn’t good to you as Johnny’s caring person. It is such a shame that the very people (vets) who should be helping us with our beloved companion animals… do not really care.

    Many good wishes to you and Johnny… and thanks so much for your good blog.. I appreciate reading all that you post.

    With much love… Carol

By Chris Blackwood
Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

Blogger. Photographer. Starbucks addict. Joan Baez, Beatles, Rush, and classical music fan. Independent. Constitutional conservative. Crazy cat lover.

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