If it’s not one thing, it’s another . . .

This week has been absolutely horrendous! I was worried sick about Johnny, and anything and everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. Sometime I think I have that little Murphy guy riding around in my back pocket.

I told you that my main laptop decided to take a powder on me. This means I have to switch everything over to my NextBook which is one of those NetBooks that just wants to be a real laptop. It’s only 32-bit and it only has a 64 GB hard drive in it. Most of my design software won’t even install on it. Either it’s too big or it’s 64-bit.

Before I retired it, I managed to pull everything off of it and onto a 6 terabyte hard drive that I have for backup. Great!!! I didn’t lose my pictures or my music. This morning I thought to put my photos and some of my music on this laptop. This one only has a 64 GB hard drive.

I plugged in that back up hard drive. After about 2 minutes, nothing happened. I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in. Nothing happening. I tried one more time. This time the drive connected. If nothing else I was going to get my pictures off and to heck with the music for right now.

I started copying the pictures. About 30 seconds into the copy, the hard drive disconnected and I got a message that the computer didn’t recognize the device. After a few seconds it connected again on it’s own, but it disconnected every few seconds. Not enough to copy the pictures.

  • I lost all of my pictures.
  • I lost all of my music.
  • I lost all of the custom graphics that I had for different websites.
  • I lost two programs that I had purchased over a year ago that I depend on for most of my graphics.  I can’t find the receipt or anything else to recover it from the legal server.  Of course, it was on the backup drive.

I took the drive over to a friend who hooked it up to his computer. Same thing happened there too. I’ve had this drive for less than a year, and it’s hardly been used, and it’s failing already.

Planned Obsolescence?

Go figure…

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These are the sporadic musings, ramblings, and rants of a middle aged man who isn't exactly thrilled with the direction America is taking today. I'm extremely opinionated where news and politics are concerned. I call it like I see it and I don't mince any words.

Life is too short to stay quiet . . .
Hope you enjoy my kids . . .

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