Too Damned Cold!

It’s 9:10 PM and I’m in for the night.  I’m thrilled to death that I don’t have to go out for anything else.  About 2 hours ago I had to go and get cat for and a few other items.  It’s about 2 blocks to the grocery store, and at the time it was about 9 degree below zero.  I had 5 bags of groceries which I carried the entire distance.  By the time I got home, my hands were so cold I could just barely work the key in the front door lock.  It is now about 12 degrees below zero and I’m not going outside even if the building is on fire.

I have a neighbor just down the street who came over this afternoon.  He’s got 3 pairs of socks on in a pair of Sorrell Packs boots, a stocking cap that was under one of those fur hats with the big ear flaps, and he was wrapped in a blanket because he didn’t have a coat or gloves.  I gave him a coat that I had that was too small for me.  It as just his size.  I also threw in an extra pair of gloves that I had.  He’s helped me out time and time again, so I figured I could help him out.

It’s been a very long day.  I got woke up at 3:00 AM by another neighbor.  He has a pick up with tires that are so bald he can’t even get out of 2 inches of snow.  I’ve had mornings where I wanted to stick my head out the window and scream.  Around 1:00 PM, this guy came over and made his way around all of the apartments.  He says that he’s trying to raise enough money to buy a new set of tires.  Like that’s really going to happen.  This guy has about $10,000 worth of gold chains hanging around his neck.  I suggested that he might need to sell a chain or two, but that’s totally out of the question.  I can pretty well guarantee that whatever money he collected here today went to buying meth.  For that reason I told him that I wasn’t going to kick in to his fund.  I also told him that if he is out there at 3:00 AM tomorrow reving his engine and spinning his tires to get out of the snow, I’m calling the police.  This happens nearly every morning.

This evening, just as I was getting home from the grocery, he stopped me to tell me that he had 4 used tires that were in nearly perfect shape.  A guy who lives about a block away runs a auto shop out of his garage.  His house faces this street, so the noise from my neighbor in the morning has been waking him up too.  Now he needs to find somebody to put them on for him because this guy isn’t smart enough to know which end of the lug wrench to use.

I’m not going to try to help him.  I’ll let him figure it out for himself.

Johnny and Tiger are finally starting to get closer.  Usually when I wake up, I have Johnny tucked right up against me.  This morning he wasn’t there.  I looked over and saw that he and Tiger were curled up together in the recliner.  I think this is going to work out with the two of them.  It’s going to mean a lot more cleaning for me.  Tiger got into my box of cigarette tubes and scattered them all over the dining room floor.  Then she proceeded to shred them all over.  I also went into the bathroom to find little grey paw prints all over the toilet and the edge of the bathtub.  She doesn’t kick her feet off when she comes out of the litter box like Johnny does.  I’m definitely going to have to have a talk with her about that.

Well, I see that the kids are both kicked out in the living room.  I think they have a pretty good idea.

Night all…

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