Sunday Morning Is a Battlefield!

There are few places in the apartment that I deny the cats access to.  They are not allowed on the TV cabinet because if they have any loose fur, it is magnetized to the screen.  It’s a major pain to clean off.  I also don’t allow them up on the mantel over my fake fireplace.  I have too many fragile things displayed up there, and Tiger has already shown a propensity for pushing things off.

The one place that I never allow them, and I usually scream when I catch them there is up on the kitchen cabinets.  In my last apartment, Misty loved to get up by the kitchen sink and drink directly out of the faucet.  One day I turned to get something out of the cupboard, and I turned back just in time to catch Misty ready to jump.  I reached out and thank God I caught her because she would have landed right on the red hot stove burner.  I also tied the closet doors in the dining room shut because of the fact that I locked Johnny in that closet twice when he sneaked in while I wasn’t looking.

Tiger gets into everywhere and everything!

She likes pens and anything that is small, shiny, and portable.  So far she has gone after my wrist watch, my diamond ring, and my glasses.  Tiger found out that she could open the cabinet where I keep all of the canned goods.  Oh what a joy that was.  She knocked cans off of the rotating shelves which I had to retrieve from the back of the cabinet.  I’m glad that Johnny has grown out of this.  He made some pretty good messes in his rowdy days.

Johnny is still having trouble with his left hind leg.  Instead of walking down on the pad of his foot, he is walking way up on the back of his leg.  I quit giving him the medicine that the vet gave me.  I hated seeing Johnny flop around on the floor when he had it.  The CBD extract that I’m giving him works fine.  About a half hour or so after I give it to him, Johnny is bouncing all over the place like a kitten.  All the vet’s medicine really did was get Johnny stoned out of his mind.

This morning I’ve had to run interference for Johnny.  Tiger wants to play, but Johnny just doesn’t seem to have the energy to play as hard as she wants to.  Misty and Johnny were never rough and tumble cats.  Tiger just wants to go crazy, and Johnny just isn’t having any of that.  He spends most of his time sleeping next to me on the couch while I work on various projects.

I still think Tiger is going to work out here.  I’m sure she’ll slow down enough for Johnny when she gets used to being in her new home.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

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