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A quiet day with the kids

Well, so far Tiger is fitting in nicely here.  Both her and Johnny are still doing a little bit of hissing, but that’s to be expected.  Things got a little hot for a minute or two.  Johnny was sacked out in the dining room chair and Tiger decided that she wanted to play.  She stood up on her hind legs against the chair and whopped Johnny right on top of the head. And of course, Johnny pawed back.  After that, you can hear Tiger cackling all over the place while Johnny has this low growl whenever she comes around.

I have Johnny chillin’ on the couch with me most of the time.  Johnny is developing a little arthritis in his left hip.  The vet gave me something to help with the pain.  I used it twice, but it didn’t really look like it helped.  About 2 weeks ago, I was in a convenience store of all places where the own sells a selection of CBD products for pets.  A small bottle of the CBD oil is about $14.00, but it does seem to help.  With the vet’s meds, Johnny was like a rag doll, just flopping all over the place.  The CBD doesn’t do that.

The guy who gave me Tiger has a climbing tower and another scratching post for her which I’ll bet she misses.  Those will be here this afternoon.  I’ll bet Johnny will want to check out the tower.

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    • I was surprised to see that they had CBD for pets. I knew they were researching it, but it was still a way off. This is 50mg which is really making a big difference for Johnny. The painkiller that the vet gave me just had him flopping around on the floor, but I don’t think it did anything for the pain. With the CBD, Johnny is back to bouncing all over the place, and running away from our new roommate.

      • That’s cool that it has helped Johnny so much. I’ll have to keep that in mind as my cats are also moving into their elder years — both are over 10 years old. they don’t have arthritis yet, knock on wood. Hopefully Johnny and the new roommate will curl up together one day.

        • This has been a crazy situation. I couldn’t keep the other cat, Tiger. It turned out that she didn’t belong to the guy who gave her to me. The parents of the guy that she did belong to came and wanted her back.

          I also found out that Johnny’s liver is shot and his kidneys are starting to shut down. The toughest decision that I’ve ever had to make in my life. I’ll be having him put down on the 3rd of February. Going to miss him more than anything.

          • I am so sorry to hear about Johnny. That’s hard to lose a friend. Today is the day. I hope it went as well as it could — quickly and painlessly. (that’s a strange about Tiger belonging to another family. Too bad he had to go home.)
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          • I’m happy to say that Johnny will be around for a long time. He’s going to be seeing a different veterinarian and getting far better care. Johnny had two major infections that were tearing him up. He’s on anti-biotics right now and he is starting to look like himself again.

    • His infections are gone, but he still has had a few incidents of going outside the litter box. His old vet did tell me that he is displaying many of the signs of feline senile dementia. I guess I’m just going to take things as they come and go from there.

By Chris Blackwood
Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

Blogger. Photographer. Starbucks addict. Joan Baez, Beatles, Rush, and classical music fan. Independent. Constitutional conservative. Crazy cat lover.

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