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Patriots Use WTO Ruling To Put Pressure On EU

Patriots Use WTO Ruling To Put Pressure On EU, [CB] System Targeted – Episode 2046a UK is now pushing ahead with the BREXIT, Trump and the patriots put pressure on the EU, tariffs are coming. The WTO ruling means that the EU cannot retaliate. Trump makes phase 1 deal with China, all is going according to plan. The Call To Declas, Smear Campaign Alert, United We Stand – Episode 2046b...

X22Report – 12/13/19

BJ Has The Backing For The BREXIT, Trump’s Economy Gains Strength – Episode 2045a The results are in, the patriots have won in the UK, BJ now has the power to get BREXIT done. Trump is ready to make a trade deal with the UK which will bypass the EU. Trump announce that the Phase 1 trade deal has been made and tariffs are not being reduced. The globalist system is being dismantled. Obama...

X22Report – 12/12/19

Another Win By The Patriots, The Economic Storm Grows Stronger – Episode 2044a The UK elections are ongoing and the numbers are not in yet, but the projections are in favor of BJ. Trump and the patriots are moving forward with the economic plan, remember the patriots are setting a manufacturing supply chain independent of China. The Fed says no rate hikes, for this year we will see for next...

Stupid People!

Your Brain on Public Schools – Dumb people answer questions
I’m always thankful for stupid people.  If not for them, what would we really have to laugh at?  To really think about it, it’s a little scary to think that some of these people are future doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

X22Report – 12/11/19

There Is Another Storm That Is Brewing, The Economic Storm – Episode 2043a The [DS]/[CB] are trying to stop BJ, and they are using the same tactics they used on Trump, HRC and CS are now alleging that BJ is a Russian stooge. They will do anything to stop the BREXIT. The economic storm is upon us. Trump and the patriots are now positioning the economy in such a way that it will bring the...

Caffeine & Kitty Treats

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