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The Last Firepit of the Season


Last Wednesday night, Steve and Amy were bound and determined to have one last night out at the firepit.  When I lived over in Grand Rapids, we would have these nights on Fridays after the bars closed.  Somewhere along the line, somebody decided that it would be better to hold these on Wednesdays and it stuck.  It was fun all the same.

Everybody who comes contributes a little something to the bar which is a big tree stump about 3 feet high with a hollowed out top.  Steve got bored one day and did the hollowing.

Steve and Amy contributed 2 bottles of Robert Mondavi Reserve Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 1983.  Mine was a little more modest 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch that were both just over 15 years old.

There were 4 bottles of Jack Daniels, 2 bottles of Gentleman Jack, 3 gallons of pre-mixed Long Island Iced Tea. And a pint bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 that I’m pretty sure somebody contributed as a joke.  We didn’t drink all of it, but we enjoyed a few bottles.

Amy called to notify the security company that they would be having a lakeside gathering of about 16 people.  Steve would open and close the front gates as the invited guests arrived by remote control.

This is the main firepit just down the hill from the house.  Can you tell which ones of the stones in the outside circle are actually wireless stereo speakers?  There are 4 of them.  Off to the left in this picture is a curved cut stone wall that hides the firewood bin behind.  On the front is a mounting bracket for an 80” flat screen TV, and it hides 2 more stereo speakers among the stones.

About 30 feet or so away through the trees is a second firepit where we really have the fun.  Wednesday night we had 3 people that brought guitars, 2 people that brought banjos, and 2 people brought fiddles.

The gathering started at 7 pm, and it lasted until nearly 3 in the morning.  The original guest list was for 16 people, however before the night was out, 39 people showed up.  Everything was nice and peaceful and everybody had fun.

By 9:30 the temperature was down to 31 degrees, and by midnight it hit 28.  No doubt this was going to be the last firepit of the season.

We all agreed that next years we’ll have to do this more often…

I’m looking forward to it.

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Chris Blackwood

Blogger. Photographer. Starbucks addict. Joan Baez, Beatles, and classical music fan. Hardcore news & political junkie. Cat lover.

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By Chris Blackwood
Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

Blogger. Photographer. Starbucks addict. Joan Baez, Beatles, and classical music fan. Hardcore news & political junkie. Cat lover.

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