It’s been a rough but good couple of weeks here in Virginia, Minnesota.  I took the advice of a friend and found another doctor.  The one I was going to was totally shocked when I told her that I was no longer taking medications of any kind for any reason.  She sat down at the desk, whipped out her prescription pad, and said “so you’ll need refills on everything.  I can take care of that.”

I told her “No you can’t” and walked out of her office.  I wonder how much she made in kick backs from all of the prescriptions she wrote for me.  She must have lost a bundle.

I had to take Johnny back to the vet.  He came out to the living room, jumped up on my chest, and he was shaking like a jackhammer.  He scared the HELL out of me!  I called the vet’s emergency number and he asked me if I could get him in there that moment.  One of my neighbors had me there in less than 10 minutes.

It appears that Johnny had a reaction to the antibiotics that he as getting for his teeth.  The vet gave him a shot which stopped the shaking and gave me a different antibiotic to give him, starting in a couple of days.  So far, he has been doing fine with those.

Last week my friends Steve and Amy came over to visit and told me that they were taking me out to dinner.  We got in the car and took off on our 60-mile trip to Duluth.  Steve and Amy had reservations for the Olive Garden.  However, that isn’t where we ended up eating.  The Olive Garden had overbooked their reservations so badly that they were turning people away left and right.  One of the people who was turned away told us that a new employee who was put in charge of taking reservations had overbooked that night for well over 200 people.  I certainly hope he is looking for another job today.

We ended up eating at Hanabi Japanese Cuisine which was absolutely fantastic.  We are planning on going back there for dinner next Saturday night.  I’m looking forward to that.

The Humane Society asked me to go along as a witness on a rescue.  Unfortunately, we were too late.  We went to a home 15 miles north of Hibbing where we were alerted there were a large number of dogs and cats living in total squalor.  When we got there, we found 9 dogs and 24 cats, all of them dead for a very long time.  We collected all of the bodies for disposal.  The trailer house where all of these animals were kept smelled so bad that we had to go back out to the van for masks.  There were spots through the trailer where the feces on the floor was several inches thick.  I can’t imagine living in such a mess.

The person in charge of the rescue was crazy mad.  He said that chances are, the woman will walk away from the whole thing with a stern warning and a hundred dollar fine.  After that, she will probably go back to hoarding animals all over again.  He said that they can put a regular welfare check on the woman with the sheriff’s department, but they will only go out to check on her once every couple of months.  The Humane Society will send someone out to drive by and look for any new animal activity, but that was all they could do.

I had the headlight stolen off of my bike last week and I know exactly who did it.  I went to the police department to see what they could do.  They were already on top of the situation, sort of.  The guy was already in jail because he tried to steal another bike and he got caught.  Guess what?  They bike that he got caught stealing belonged to a cop.  They went through the things that the guy had in his backpack.  The mounting bracket for my headlight was there but the light itself was gone.

As for the website…

I’m a bit of a news and political junkie.  No, that’s not necessarily true.  I’m an extreme news and political junkie.  It’s not even noon yet and so far I’ve fully read and posted over 40 articles on the new site.  Usually, when any of my friends want to know about something in the news, they call me.  Now I can just send them to The Blackwood Report.

In the beginning, when I started this blog, I planned on making it a news blog.  However, it really didn’t turn out that way.

Last week I took the plunge and set up a new website called “The Blackwood Report”.  I purchased the same theme that The Drudge Report uses and I love it.  My plan is to use the new site for strictly news and politics and keep this one for my own personal site.  I plan on adding some advertising to the new site, but right now it’s still too new for the affiliate programs provider to approve.

I’m looking at it this way…

The Drudge Report, according to available statistics has had over 28 million visitors in the last 24 hours, over 826 million visitors in the last 31 days, and over 10 billion visitors in the last year.  I may never hit those numbers, but it will be fun trying.  Like one of my friends told me, it could happen.

The theme that I’m running right now was the theme that my friend Riley bought me for my birthday.  I stopped using it because I started having all kinds of trouble with the theme blowing up.  I was also finding corrupted post files that nobody could explain.  So far the problem seems to be solved.  It was one of my plugins that I really liked that was causing the theme to blow up.  I cut the number of plugins down from 63 to 27 which is also making a difference in speed.  Hopefully the problems are all gone.

(He says knocking on wood.)

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