Chris Blackwood

January 2019

To my followers on Twitter

This was definitely one of those things that can’t be expressed in 280 characters.

14 kinds of people that I quit following on Twitter

I’m very picky about who I follow, as well as who I allow to follow me on social media.  I don’t just click follow on every Tom, Dick, or Harry who magically appears on my follower’s page.  I check profiles before I do that.  Below are the people who I absolutely will not follow on any social media site, but especially on Twitter.

Why Twitter Really Sucks

I have a real love hate relationship with Twitter, which right now is leaning more towards the hatred end of the spectrum.

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Whatever happened to the real Saturday morning cartoons?  I’m not talking about this Japanese anime style drawings like the Power Puff Girls where the artists forgot how to draw fingers.  I’m talking about the good old stuff Like Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote, the Super Friends.  There’s just nothing as good as the old cartoons anymore.

30 Of Gordon Ramsay’s Greatest Insults

He’s the Simon Cowell of the Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen, that is.


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